Almighty God’s Words| The Path… (3)

  In My own life, I’m always willing to give Myself over to God entirely, body and mind. This way, there is no blame on My conscience and I can gain a little bit of peace. A person who pursues life must first give their heart over to God entirely. This is a precondition. I’d like for My brothers and sisters to pray with Me to God: “Oh God! May Your Spirit in heaven bestow grace upon people on the earth so that My heart may fully turn to You, that My Spirit may be moved by You, and that I may see Your loveliness in My heart and My Spirit, so that those on the earth are blessed to see Your beauty. God! May Your Spirit once again move our spirits so that our love is long-lasting and never changes!” What God does in all of us is to first test our hearts, and when we pour our hearts into Him, it is then that He begins to move our spirits. It is only in the spirit that one can see God’s loveliness, supremacy, and greatness. This is the path of the Holy Spirit in human beings. Do you have this kind of life? Have you experienced a life of the Holy Spirit? Has your spirit been moved by God? Have you seen how the Holy Spirit works in people? Have you given over your heart to God entirely? When you fully give your heart to God, you are able to directly experience the life of the Holy Spirit, and His work can be continually revealed to you. At that time, you can become someone who is used by the Holy Spirit. Are you willing to become that kind of person? In My memory, when I was moved by the Holy Spirit and first gave My heart to God, I fell down in front of Him and cried out: “Oh God! It is You who has opened up My eyes so that I may recognize Your salvation. I am willing to give My heart to You entirely, and all I ask is that Your will be done. All I wish is that My heart gain Your approval in Your presence, and to carry out Your will.” That prayer is most unforgettable for Me; I was deeply moved, and I wept bitterly in front of God. That was My first successful prayer in God’s presence as a person who has been saved, and it was My first aspiration. I was frequently moved by the Holy Spirit after that. Have you had this kind of experience? How has the Holy Spirit worked in you? I think that people who seek to love God will all have this kind of experience, to greater or lesser degrees, but people forget about them. If someone says they haven’t had this kind of experience, that proves that they have not yet been saved and are still under the domain of Satan. The work that the Holy Spirit carries out in everyone is the path of the Holy Spirit, and it is also the path of someone who believes in and seeks God. The first step of work that the Holy Spirit performs on people is that of moving their spirits. After that, they will begin to love God and pursue life; all of those on this path are within the stream of the Holy Spirit. These are not only the dynamics of God’s work in mainland China, but also in the entire universe. He does this on all of mankind. If someone has not been moved even once, this shows that they are outside of this stream of recovery. I pray to God unceasingly in My heart that He may move all people, that everyone under the sun may be moved by Him and walk this path. Perhaps this is some minuscule request I have of God, but I believe that He will do this. I hope that all of My brothers and sisters will pray for this, that God’s will may be done, and that His work may conclude soon so that His Spirit in heaven may be at rest. This is My own little hope.

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Almighty God’s Word “You Should Know That the Practical God Is God Himself”

  Almighty God says, “God’s appearance in the flesh means that all of the work and words of the Spirit of God are done through His normal humanity, and through His incarnate flesh. In other words, God’s Spirit both directs His human work and carries out the work of divinity in the flesh, and in God incarnate you can see both God’s work in humanity and completely divine work; this is the real significance of the practical God’s appearance in the flesh. If you can see this clearly, you will be able to connect all of the different parts of God, and will cease to place too much of a premium on His work in divinity, and to be too dismissive of His work in humanity, and you will not go to extremes, nor take any detours. Overall, the meaning of the practical God is that the work of His humanity and of His divinity, as directed by the Spirit, is expressed through His flesh, so that people can see that He is vivid and lifelike, and real and actual.”

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Almighty God’s Word “Do You Know? God Has Done a Great Thing Among Men”

  Almighty God says, “This time, God comes to do work not in a spiritual body but in a very ordinary one. Not only is it the body of God’s second incarnation, but also the body in which God returns. It is a very ordinary flesh. In Him, you cannot see anything that is different from others, but you can receive from Him the truths you have never heard before. This insignificant flesh is the embodiment of all the words of truth from God, that which undertakes God’s work in the last days, and an expression of the whole of God’s disposition for man to come to know. Did you not desire greatly to see the God in heaven? Did you not desire greatly to understand the God in heaven? Did you not desire greatly to see the destination of mankind? He will tell you all these untold secrets, and He will even tell you of the truths that you do not understand. He is your gate into the kingdom, and your guide into the new age. “

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The Judgment in the Last Days Has Begun | “Almighty God Has Been Seated on the Glorious Throne”

Almighty God Has Been Seated on the Glorious Throne

Ha ha ha ha … ha …
The victorious King has been seated on the glorious throne.
He has accomplished redemption, leading all His people to appear in glory.
All things are in His hand. By divine wisdom and power,
He has built and fortified Zion, has built and fortified Zion.
By majesty, He judges this evil world,
and judges all nations and all peoples, the earth and the sea and the living things in them,
as well as those who are drunk with the wine of licentiousness.
Upon them God will carry out His judgment.
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Expression of Almighty God|The Path… (2)

  Perhaps our brothers and sisters have a bit of an outline of the sequence, the steps, and the methods of God’s work in mainland China, but I always feel it’s better to have a recollection or a little summary for our brothers and sisters. I’m just using this opportunity to say a bit of what’s on My heart; I’m not talking about anything outside of this work. I hope that the brothers and sisters can understand My mood, and I also humbly request that all those who read My words understand and forgive My small stature, that My life experience is truly inadequate, and that I truly cannot keep My head high in front of God. However, I always feel that these are only the objective reasons. In short, no matter what, no people, events, or things can hinder our fellowship in God’s presence, and I hope that our brothers and sisters are able to work harder in front of God along with Me. I would like to offer up the following prayer: “Oh God! Please have mercy on us so that I and My brothers and sisters may struggle together under the dominion of our common ideals, be faithful to You until death, and never go back on it!” These words are the determination I set in front of God, but it could also be said that it’s My own motto as a man of flesh who is used by God. I have shared this in fellowship with the brothers and sisters by My side many times, and I have given this to those alongside Me as a message. I don’t know what people think of it, but no matter what, I believe that they not only have an aspect of subjective effort, but even more, they also contain an aspect of objective theory. Because of this, it’s possible that some people have certain opinions, and you can take these words as your motto and see how great your drive for loving God will be. Some people will develop a certain notion when they read these words, and think: “How could such an everyday, normal thing to say give people a great drive to love God until death? And it has nothing to do with the topic of what we’re discussing, ‘The Path.’” I acknowledge that these words don’t have a great deal of charm, but I have always thought that it can lead people onto the right track, and allow them to undergo all kinds of trials along the path of belief in God without losing heart or turning back. This is why I always treat this as My motto, and I hope that people can carefully think this over. However, My intention isn’t to force everyone to accept My own views—this is just a suggestion. No matter what other people think of Me, I think that God will understand the inner dynamics of every single one of us. God is constantly working on every single one of us, and His work is tireless. This is because we were all born in the country of the great red dragon—this is why He works this way in us. Those who were born in the country of the great red dragon have the fortune to gain this kind of work of the Holy Spirit. As one of them, I greatly feel the dearness, respectability, as well as the loveliness of God. This is God caring for us. It’s this kind of backward, conservative, feudalistic, superstitious, and depraved empire of the proletariat that is able to gain this kind of work from God. From this, it’s clear that we, this group of people in the final age, are very blessed. I believe that all of the brothers and sisters whose spiritual eyes are opened to see this work will all weep tears of joy for this, and at that time, won’t you express this to God by dancing with joy? Won’t you offer up the song in your heart to God? At that time won’t you show your resolve to God and make another plan before Him? I think that all of these are things that a proper believer in God should do. As human beings, I believe that every one of us should have some kind of expression in front of God. This is what a person who has feelings should do. Looking at the caliber of everyone among us as well as our birthplace, it shows how much humiliation God endured in order to come to our midst. Although we have some knowledge of God inside of us, based on what we do know, God is so great, so supreme, and so honorable, it is enough to know how great His suffering has been among mankind by comparison. But this is still a vague thing to say, and people can only treat it as words and doctrines. This is because those in our midst are too numb and dull-witted. I can only put more effort into explaining this issue to all those brothers and sisters who would accept it so that our spirits can be moved by the Spirit of God. May God open our spiritual eyes so that we may see the price God has paid, the effort He has made, and the energy He has expended for us.

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