Expression of Almighty God|The Path… (4)

  That people are able to discover God’s loveliness, to seek the way of loving God in this age, and that they are willing to accept the training of the kingdom of today—all of this is God’s grace and even more, it’s Him uplifting mankind. Whenever I think of this I strongly feel the loveliness of God. It is truly that God loves us. Otherwise, who would be able to discover His loveliness? It is only from this that I see that all of this work is personally done by God Himself, and people are guided and directed by God. I give thanks to God for this, and I’d like My brothers and sisters to join Me in praising God: “All glory be to You, the supreme God Himself! May Your glory multiply and be revealed in those of us who have been selected and obtained by You.” I have gained enlightenment from God—before the ages God had already predestined us and wanted to gain us in the last days, thus allowing all things in the universe to see God’s glory in its entirety through us. Thus, we are the crystallization of six thousand years of God’s management plan; we are the models, the specimens of God’s work in the entire universe. Not until now have I discovered how much love God truly has for us, and that the work He does in us and the things that He says all surpass that of ages past a millionfold. Even in Israel and in Peter, God never personally did so much work and spoke so much. This shows that we, this group of people, truly are incredibly blessed—incomparably more blessed than the saints of times past. This is why God has always said people of the final age are blessed. No matter what others say, I believe that we are the ones who are most blessed by God.

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the Church of Almighty God-Way of Human Life | Musical Drama “Xiaozhen’s Story” | Official Trailer

    Xiao Zhen used to be a pure, kind-hearted Christian, who always treated her friends sincerely. However, when it was to their benefit, her former friends became her enemies. After suffering this tragedy, Xiao Zhen was forced to abandon her true heart and her formal principles. She began to betray her own good conscience and good spirit, and wallowed in the mire of the evil world … As she fell from grace and walked a path of depravity, she was trampled by the world and became riddled with scars and bruises. She had reached a dead end, and at her point of despair when she had given up all hope, Almighty God’s sincere call finally awakened Xiao Zhen’s heart and soul …

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