Expression of Almighty God|The Path… (8)

When God comes to the earth to mingle with mankind, to live with them, it is not just for one or two days. Maybe in all this time people have more or less known God, and maybe they have gained significant insights of serving God, and are very seasoned in their belief in God. Whatever the case is, people pretty much understand God’s disposition, and the expressions of all sorts of human dispositions are really varied. The way I see it, people’s various expressions are adequate for God to use as specimens, and their mental activities are adequate for Him to reference. Maybe this is one aspect in which mankind cooperates with God, it is mankind’s unwitting cooperation with God, so that this performance directed by God is colorful and lifelike, very vivid. I am saying these things to My brothers and sisters as the general director of this play—every single one of us can speak to our thoughts and feelings after acting this out, and chat about how each of us experiences our lives within this play. We may as well have an entirely new kind of symposium to open up our hearts and talk about our performing arts, see how God guides each individual so that in the next rendition we are able to express a higher level of our art and each play out our own role to the greatest extent possible, not disappointing God. I hope that My brothers and sisters can take this seriously—no one can overlook it because playing a part well isn’t something that can be achieved in one or two days. It requires that we experience life and go deeper into our real lives over the long term, and have practical experience of various types of lives. Only then can we go up on stage. I am full of hope for My brothers and sisters, and I believe that you are not disheartened or discouraged, and no matter what God does, you are like a pot of fire—you are never tepid and you can persist until the end, until God’s work is fully revealed, and until the play that God wants to rehearse comes to its final conclusion. I have no other requirements of you. All I hope for is that you can continue to hold on, that you are not anxious for results, that you cooperate with Me so that the work that I should do is done well, and that no one creates interruptions or disturbances. When this portion of the work is completed, God will reveal everything to you. After My work has been completed, I will present your credit in front of God to give account to Him. Isn’t that better? We can help each other achieve our own aims. Isn’t this a perfect solution for everyone? This is a difficult time that requires you to pay a price. Because I am currently the director, I hope that none of you are irritated. This is the work that I am doing. Perhaps there will be one day when I switch to a more appropriate “work unit” and I no longer make things difficult for you. I will show to you whatever you are willing to see, and I will also fulfill you in whatever you are willing to hear. But not now—this is the work for today and I cannot give free rein to your characters and allow you to do whatever you want to. That way, My work would not be easy to do. To be honest, that wouldn’t bear any fruit and it wouldn’t be beneficial for you. So now you need to “suffer hardships,” and when the day comes that this stage of My work has been completed I will be free. I will not bear such a heavy burden, and I will accede to whatever you ask from Me; as long as it is beneficial for your lives I will fulfill your requests. I have now taken up a heavy responsibility. I cannot go against the commands of God the Father, and I cannot disrupt the plans for My work. I cannot manage My personal affairs through My business affairs. I hope you can all understand and forgive Me because everything that I do is according to the intention of God the Father. I do whatever He has Me do no matter what He wants, and I am not willing to provoke His anger or His wrath. I only do what I should do. So on behalf of God the Father, I advise you to endure a little while longer. No one need worry. After I have completed what I need to do, you can do whatever you want and see whatever you like, but I must complete the work that I need to.

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Readings and Recitations of the Church of Almighty|Almighty God’s Word “How to Know the God on Earth”

    Almighty God says, “You regard all deeds of Christ from the standpoint of the unrighteous and judge all His work and His identity and substance from the perspective of the wicked. You have made a grave mistake and done that which has never been done by those before you. That is, you only serve the lofty God in heaven with a crown upon His head and never attend to the God you regard as so insignificant as to be unseen. Is this not your sin? Is this not the typical example of your offense against the disposition of God? You very much worship the God in heaven. You very much adore lofty figures and esteem those with great eloquence. You are gladly commanded by the God that gives you handfuls of riches, and greatly pine for the God who can fulfill your every desire. The only one you do not worship is this God who is not lofty; your sole object of hatred is association with this God whom no man can regard highly. The only thing you are unwilling to do is to serve this God who has never given you a single penny, and the only one for whom you do not yearn is this unlovely God. Such kind of God cannot enable you to broaden your horizons, to feel as if you have found a treasure, much less fulfill what you wish. Why, then, do you follow Him? Have you given thought to this question?”

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