Expression of Almighty God|Concerning God’s Use of Man

  No one is capable of living independently except for those who are given special direction and guidance by the Holy Spirit, for they require the ministry and shepherding of those who are used by God. Thus, in each age God raises up different people who rush and busy about shepherding the churches for the sake of His work. Which is to say, God’s work must be done through those whom He looks favorably upon and approves of; the Holy Spirit must use the part within them that is worthy of use in order to work, and they are made fit for use by God through being made perfect by the Holy Spirit. Because man’s ability to understand is too lacking, he must be shepherded by those who are used by God; it was the same with God’s use of Moses, in whom He found much that was suitable for use at the time, and which He used to do God’s work during that stage. In this stage, God uses a man whilst also taking advantage of the part of him that can be used by the Holy Spirit in order to work, and the Holy Spirit both directs him and simultaneously makes perfect the remaining, unusable part. Continue reading


Live in the Light of God | A Cappella “It’s Such a Joy to Be an Honest Person” (Gospel Music Video)


The Church of Almighty GodLive in the Light of God | A Cappella “It’s Such a Joy to Be an Honest Person” (Gospel Music Video)

Understanding the truth frees one’s spirit and makes one happy. (That’s true!)
I am filled with confidence in God’s word and harbor no doubts. (How could we have any doubts?)
I am without negativity, I do not retreat, and never despair. (Look!)
I uphold my duty with all my heart and mind, and I have no concerns for the flesh.
I’m not bad, either!
Though my caliber is low, I have an honest heart. (Really?)
I am utterly devoted in all things to satisfy God’s will. (Ah, that’s right!)
I practice the truth, obey God, and try to be an honest person. (Great!)
I’m open and upright, without deceit, living in the light.
Very good!
Honest people, come quickly, let’s talk heart to heart.
All God-loving people, come gather and join as good friends.
One, two, three, we’re all true friends.
All truth-loving people are brothers and sisters. (Family!)
O happy people, come sing and dance in praise of God.
Sing! Dance!
It’s such a joy to be an honest person!
It’s such a joy to be an honest person!
Being an honest person is truly joyful! Continue reading