The Essence of Incarnation

 Readings and Recitations of The Church of Almighty God | “The Essence of Incarnation” 

The significance of God’s incarnation is that an ordinary, normal man performs the work of God Himself; that is, that God performs His divine work in humanity and thereby vanquishes Satan. Incarnation means that God’s Spirit becomes a flesh, that is, God becomes flesh; the work that He does in the flesh is the work of the Spirit, which is realized in the flesh, expressed by the flesh. No one except God’s flesh can fulfill the ministry of the incarnate God; that is, only God’s incarnate flesh, this normal humanity can express the divine work. No one else can do it in His stead. No one else can do it in His stead.

from “The Essence of the Flesh Inhabited by God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh


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The Church of Almighty God was founded by the returned Lord Jesus personally in the last days



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