Christian Worship Song “God’s Kingdom Has Appeared on Earth”

Almighty true God, King on the throne,
ruling the whole universe,
facing all nations and all peoples.
The whole world shines with God’s glory.
All things in the universe shall see,
all living things everywhere shall see.
The mountains, lands, rivers and lakes,
oceans and all living beings,
in the light of the true God’s presence,
have opened their curtains, revived,
as though waking to life from a dream,
or like sprouts breaking through soil to light.
Oh, the one true God appears before the world.
Who dares, who dares to resist Him?
Everyone shakes with fear, all feeling convinced,
on their knees, on their knees before Him!
See them beg His forgiveness, pleading endlessly.
Every mouth, every mouth in worship! Continue reading


English Christian Song 2018 “God Has Revealed His Entire Disposition to Man”

Christian Music Videos | “God Has Revealed His Entire Disposition to Man”

The Spirit of God has done such great work ever since the world was created.
He has done different works in different nations, and across different ages.
The people of each age see His different dispositions
naturally revealed for all people to see
and shown through works that are different.
He is God, filled with mercy, filled with loving kindness.
He’s man’s sin offering and shepherd.
Yet He gives judgment, curse, and chastisement. A curse on man. Continue reading

Christian Worship Song “God Has Appeared in the East of the World With Glory”

God is doing work throughout the universe. Thunderous noises in the East do not relent, shaking all denominations and all sects. It’s God’s voice that brought all to the present. It’s His voice that will have all conquered. They fall in this stream, and submit to Him. God has long ago reclaimed glory from the earth, and from the East He has reissued it. Who doesn’t long to see the glory of God? Who doesn’t await His return with eagerness? Who doesn’t thirst for Him to reappear? Who doesn’t miss His loveliness? Who would not come toward the light? Who wouldn’t see the wealth of Canaan? Who doesn’t long for the Redeemer’s return? Who doesn’t admire the One with omnipotence? Continue reading

English Gospel Song 2018 “How to Know the Appearance and Work of Christ of the Last Days”

God’s incarnation shall embody God’s substance and expression.
And when He’s made flesh He’ll bring forth the work He’s been given
to express what He is, bring truth to all men,
give them life and show them the way.
Any flesh that doesn’t embed His substance surely is not God incarnate.

Confirm God’s flesh and the true way by His disposition, words and works.
Focus on His substance instead of His appearance.
It is ignorant and naive to focus on God’s external appearance.
The outward doesn’t determine the inward,
and God’s work does not conform to man’s conceptions. Continue reading

English Christian Song 2018 “Do You Know God’s Work”

God’s work in the flesh is not spectacular, nor is it shrouded in mystery. It’s real and actual, like one and one is two; it’s not hidden and there’s no duplicity. All people see is authentic, so is the truth and knowledge they attain. When the work comes to its end, their knowledge of Him will be renewed. And the conceptions of those, who truly seek Him will all be gone. This isn’t just the effect of His work on Chinese people, but reflects His work of conquering all of man, reflects His work of conquering all of man. Continue reading