Truth Is the Highest of All Life’s Aphorisms

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Truth is the most real
of life’s aphorisms,
and the highest one among
all humanity.
It’s called life’s aphorism
because it’s what,
because it’s what God asks of man
and is work done by Him personally,
God asks of man
and is work done by Him personally.
It’s not a saying summed up
from something,
nor a famous quote
from someone great, someone great.
But it’s an utterance to mankind
from the Master of all things
on earth and in heaven. Continue reading


Oh God, My Heart Will Forever Be Attached to You

Oh God, My Heart Will Forever Be Attached to You

Your words give me life.
Your words raise me up.
Oh God, I will love You forever!
Though I am corrupt,
You do all You can to save me
and never give up on me.
Though I try to conceal,
try to put on an act,
I can’t deceive or hide from You.
Oh, Almighty God! Almighty God!
No matter where You go,
my heart is tied to Your heart. Oh … Continue reading

Christian Worship Song “God’s Kingdom Has Appeared on Earth”

Almighty true God, King on the throne,
ruling the whole universe,
facing all nations and all peoples.
The whole world shines with God’s glory.
All things in the universe shall see,
all living things everywhere shall see.
The mountains, lands, rivers and lakes,
oceans and all living beings,
in the light of the true God’s presence,
have opened their curtains, revived,
as though waking to life from a dream,
or like sprouts breaking through soil to light.
Oh, the one true God appears before the world.
Who dares, who dares to resist Him?
Everyone shakes with fear, all feeling convinced,
on their knees, on their knees before Him!
See them beg His forgiveness, pleading endlessly.
Every mouth, every mouth in worship! Continue reading

Hymns of the Church of Almighty God | You Should Seek Progress

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If you always quiet your heart
before God,
if keen to people and things around you,
mindful of God’s burden
and revere God,
then God will often
enlighten within you.
Never allow God’s work
or all you endure
or all you practice to come to nothing.
Be willing to work hard
and to love God more.
This is someone with vision,
who seeks to forge ahead. Continue reading

English Christian Song 2018 “God Has Revealed His Entire Disposition to Man”

Christian Music Videos | “God Has Revealed His Entire Disposition to Man”

The Spirit of God has done such great work ever since the world was created.
He has done different works in different nations, and across different ages.
The people of each age see His different dispositions
naturally revealed for all people to see
and shown through works that are different.
He is God, filled with mercy, filled with loving kindness.
He’s man’s sin offering and shepherd.
Yet He gives judgment, curse, and chastisement. A curse on man. Continue reading