Movie Clip “Child, Come Back Home” (4) – Experiences and Testimony of Successfully Breaking Web Addiction After Believing in God

Clip (4) – Experiences and Testimony of Successfully Breaking Web Addiction After Believing in God
Many young web addicts would like to quit the internet, but they can’t ever control themselves. After repeated failures, they get discouraged and disappointed, believing that quitting the internet is hopeless. In this movie clip, a group of Christians give an account of their experiences and testimony of how they successfully quit the internet after coming to believe in God

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Most in The Church of Almighty God are people from different sects and denominations who have believed in the Lord for many years.


Christian Movie Clip – The Rise of the United States and Its Mission

gospel music videos – The Rise of the United States and Its Mission

On the basis of adhering to its founding principles of freedom, democracy, and equality … the US has played an important role in stabilizing the global situation and providing a balance for world order. It plays an irreplaceable role in safeguarding and stabilizing the global situation.

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Are Almighty God and the Lord Jesus One God?

Christian Movie Clip: A Record of God’s Work of Creating the World and Leading and Redeeming Mankind

Do you want to know how God created the world? Do you want to know how God has led mankind step by step until today? This wonderful segment from the Christian movie, The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything, documents God’s work of creating the world, and leading and redeeming mankind. It will reveal these answers for you.

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English Christian Skit “Starving for Fear of Choking”

The Word of God in the Last Days “God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself II” (Part One) (1)


With God’s word as our life, living in the light. To be mindful of God’s will, and to make God relaxed and satisfied.

God’s words in this video are from the book “Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh”.
The content of this video:
A. Abraham
1. God Promises to Give Abraham a Son
2. Abraham Offers Isaac
No One Can Hinder the Work That God Resolves to Do

2018 Praise and Worship Music “Only Honest People Have a Human Likeness” | The Love of God Saved Me

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This doctor made some money taking the advantage of his job. But he felt restless, afraid and distressed in his heart, which weighed heavily on him. He wanted to get rid of this abyss of sin. Thanks be to God for the salvation! It’s the judgment and purification of God’s words that awakened him. As long as we do as God’s words say, we can be an honest person, enjoying the peace in heart, which can’t be bought by money. His story motivates me. I also want to become an honest person pleasing to God.

I For profit I abandoned all standards of conduct, and brazenly used deception to make my living. I cared nothing for conscience or morals, nothing for integrity or dignity. I lived only to slake my ever-growing lust and greed. With an uneasy heart, I scrabbled in a mire of sin, with no way to escape this boundless darkness. The riches of life and transient pleasures could not hide the emptiness and pain in my heart. It is simple to write the word “man.” But to be honest and trustworthy is harder than hard. Who can save me from this abyss of sin? II God’s voice led me before Him. Today I can follow God and expend for Him. My heart is filled with sweetness from reading God’s words every day. By understanding the truth, I now have the principles of human conduct. Everything I do and say is by God’s words. Accepting God’s scrutiny in all things makes my heart rest easy and peaceful. No cheating, no deception, I live in the light. With an open heart, I am an honest person, and I live out a human likeness at last. God’s judgment and chastisement has saved me, and enabled me to be reborn in God’s words. I am forever thankful to God’s love and to God’s salvation! I am forever thankful to God’s love and to God’s salvation! I am forever thankful to God’s love and to God’s salvation!