“My Dream of the Heavenly Kingdom” (1) – How to Pursue in Order to Enter the Heavenly Kingdom (1)

The Church of Almighty God | “My Dream of the Heavenly Kingdom” (1) – How to Pursue in Order to Enter the Heavenly Kingdom (1)

Most believers of the Lord feel that as long as we follow the words of the Lord, practice humility and patience, and follow Paul’s example by sacrificing, expending and laboring for the Lord, we will satisfy the will of God. And we will be brought into the heavenly kingdom when the Lord returns. However, have we ever considered whether such a quest would really earn the Lord’s praise and admission to the heavenly kingdom? If not, how should we pursue to earn the praise of the Lord and be brought into the heavenly kingdom?


The Return of the Lord Jesus

Expression of Almighty God

Why Christians Spread the Gospel?

Investigating the Eastern Lightning


God’s will | On the Life of Peter

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The Church of Almighty God | God’s will | On the Life of Peter

  Peter is an exemplar that God introduced to mankind, and he is a well-known personage. Why is it that such a humble man was set up as an exemplar by God and has been praised by later generations? Of course, it need not be mentioned that this is inseparable from his expression and his resolve of love for God. As for where Peter’s heart of love for God was expressed and what his lifetime of experiences was actually like, we must return to the Age of Grace to take another look at the customs of the time, to see the Peter of that age. Continue reading

The Testimony of a Christian | I Found the True Light

The Church of Almighty God | The Testimony of a Christian | I Found the True Light

  Qiuhe, Japan

  I was born in a Catholic family. Since I was little, I attended Mass at church with my grandparents. Due to the influence of my environment and my belief in God, I learned to chant many different scriptures and practice various rituals.

  In 2009, I arrived in Japan to study. One time, in a fellow student’s dorm room, I met by chance a Christian small group leader who had come to spread the gospel. I thought: Protestants and Catholics believe in the same God. They both believe in the Lord Jesus. As a result, I accepted the small group leader’s invitation to join him at the church. After listening to the pastors preach and hearing some brothers and sisters talk about the Bible, I had some understanding about the Lord Jesus’ life. This caused me to have more faith in the Lord. However, after a few months, the pastors and the preachers asked us to donate tithe every week. Also, each week, we were to hand out pamphlets to spread the gospel. Sometimes, we were so tired that we would snooze during Sunday service. We no longer had a normal routine in our life. At that time, some of us were both working and studying. Not only did we have to make money to pay for our studies, but we also needed money for our everyday expenses. Our lives were already quite difficult, but they still wanted us to give them our money and our energy. We were under a lot of stress and pain. Gradually, I discovered that the pastors and the preachers were not truly people that served the Lord. Normally, since they were those who shepherded the church, they should have been helping us grow in our spiritual lives. However, they did not care about our lives. They did not think at all about our practical problems. Instead, they wanted our energy and our money. Everything they did was to help expand their church and consolidate their status and their influence. At this time, we felt like we had been deceived. Consequently, a few of my brothers and I left the church.

Continue reading

Praise the King of Kings | Gospel Music | “The Kingdom Anthem (II) God Is Come, God Is King”

Praise the King of Kings | Gospel Music | “The Kingdom Anthem (II) God Is Come, God Is King” | The Church of Almighty God

The Kingdom Anthem (II) God Is Come, God Is King
At this extraordinary moment, at this exhilarating time,
in heaven above, and down below, all are singing, singing praises.
At this, who is not excited? At this, who’s not light of heart?
Facing this, who does not shed tears?
Heaven, no more the heaven of old, is the heaven of the kingdom.
Earth, no more the former earth, is a place of sanctity.
After a mighty rain, the foul old world is completely changed. Continue reading

Knowing the Purpose and Significance of Each of the Three Stages of God’s Work.

The Church of Almighty God|Knowing the Purpose and Significance of Each of the Three Stages of God’s Work.

(1) The aim and significance of God’s work in the Age of Law

Relevant Words of God:

  The work that Jehovah did in the Israelites established among humanity God’s earthly place of origin, His sacred place where He was present. He confined His work to the Israelite people. At first, He did not work outside of Israel; instead, He chose a people He found suitable in order to restrict the scope of His work. Israel is the place where God created Adam and Eve, and out of the dust of that place Jehovah made man; it is the base of His work on earth. The Israelites, who are the descendants of Noah and of Adam, were the foundation of Jehovah’s work on earth. Continue reading