God’s Story: Creation

  This video is so creative and easy to understand: The use of hand drawing quickly shows us God’s creation of the heavens and earth and all things. We can see the supreme authority of God’s word from the fact that He used words to create all things. God speaks, and it will be accomplished; He commands, and it will stand fast. Everything is accomplished because of His words. There are unknown mysteries hidden behind the sentence that is repeatedly emphasized: “and God saw that it was good” (Genesis 1:21).

  God’s word says, “‘God saw that it was good’? What does it symbolize? It means that God had the power and wisdom to accomplish that which He had planned and prescribed, to accomplish the goals that He had set out to accomplish. When God had completed each task, did He feel regret? The answer is still that ‘God saw that it was good.’ In other words, not only did He feel no regret, but was instead satisfied. What does it mean that He felt no regret? It means that God’s plan is perfect, that His power and wisdom are perfect, and that it is only by His authority that such perfection can be accomplished.” “When God saw that all that He had done and achieved was good, everything made by God was set by His words, which is to say that, when ‘God saw that it was good,’ all that He had made assumed a permanent form, was classed according to type, and was given a fixed position, purpose, and function, once and for all eternity. Moreover, their role among all things, and the journey that they must take during God’s management of all things, had already been ordained by God, and were immutable. This was the heavenly law given by the Creator to all things.Continue reading


The Road to Purification

Christopher, Philippines

  My name is Christopher and I am a pastor from a family church in the Philippines. In 1987, I was baptized and returned to the Lord Jesus. By the Lord’s grace, in 1996 I became a pastor of the local church. At that time, apart from preaching in many places around the Philippines, I also preached in places like Hong Kong and Malaysia. Because of the work and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I felt that I had inexhaustible energy in my work for the Lord and an unceasing flow of words in my sermons. I would often go to support brothers and sisters when they were negative and weak. Sometimes members of their family who did not believe in the Lord were unfriendly toward me, yet I could be tolerant and patient and not lose faith in the Lord and I believed that the Lord could change them. So I felt like I had changed a great deal since believing in the Lord. However, since 2011, I have not felt the work of the Holy Spirit as strongly as before. Slowly, I have had no new enlightenment for my sermons and have not had the strength to break free from living in sin. I could not help getting angry at my wife and daughter and teaching them a lesson through my temper when I saw that they were not doing as I desired. I knew that this was not in keeping with the will of the Lord, but often I could not help myself. I felt particularly distressed about this. In order to free myself from a life of sin and confession, I put more effort into reading the Bible, fasting and praying and found spiritual pastors everywhere to seek and explore this together. But all of my efforts were useless and made no difference to me living in sin and to the darkness in my soul.

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  Then one evening in spring 2016, my wife asked me, “Christopher, I’ve noticed you’ve been very troubled recently. What is on your mind?” After hearing my wife ask this, I told her what was troubling me, “I’ve been wondering these last few years why I cannot break free from living in sin despite being a pastor and having believed in the Lord for many years. I cannot touch the Lord now. It is as if the Lord has forsaken me. Although I preach everywhere, as soon as I have free time, especially in the dead of night, I always feel a kind of emptiness and anxiety and this feeling just gets stronger and stronger. I think about how I have believed in the Lord for many years and how I have read the Bible a great deal and often resolved to bear the cross and conquer myself, but yet I am always bound by sins and am capable of telling lies and not abiding by ‘And in their mouth was found no guile’ (Revelation 14:5) in order to protect my own interests and face. When facing tribulations and refinement, although I know I have the Lord’s consent, I still cannot stop myself from complaining to the Lord and misunderstanding Him and I am completely unable to willingly deny myself. I am afraid that when the Lord comes, I will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven because of living in sin like this!”

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Christian Wang Dongdong’s Account of His Experience of the CCP’s Cruel Persecution

Wang Dongdong started to believe in the Lord Jesus along with his parents since he was little. In 2001, his whole family accepted Almighty God’s kingdom gospel. In 2011, his elder brother was arrested because of believing in God. Wang Dongdong and his parents were forced to flee their home. In 2012 when he was in exile, he heard the news that his mother passed away due to sickness while hiding from the hunting of the police. Wang was arrested by the Chinese SWAT officers in 2013 because of preaching the gospel, and he was tortured by them for three months and eleven days. After his release, he had no choice but to flee abroad in order to escape from the CCP’s persecution.

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No matter what setbacks and failures we meet, don’t give up or cry, because God is by our side. God is our rear guard! Don’t be afraid, we have God! God bless, Amen!

God’s voice | How to Know God’s Disposition and the Result of His Work (Part Three)

  How God Establishes Man’s Outcome and the Standard by Which He Establishes Man’s Outcome

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  Before you have any of your own views or conclusions, you should first understand God’s attitude toward you, what God is thinking, and then decide whether or not your own thinking is correct. God has never used units of time to establish a person’s outcome, and He has never used the amount of suffering endured by someone to establish their outcome. Then what does God use as a standard for establishing man’s outcome? Using time units to establish a person’s outcome—this is what most conforms to people’s conceptions. And there are also those individuals who you often see, those who at one point devoted a lot, spent a lot, paid a lot, suffered a lot. These are ones who, in your views, can be saved by God. All that these people show, all that they live out, is precisely mankind’s conception of the standard by which God establishes the outcome of man. Regardless of what you believe, I won’t list out these examples one by one. In short, so long as it isn’t the standard of God’s own thinking, then it comes from man’s imagination, and it’s all man’s conception. What’s the consequence of blindly insisting on your own conception and imagination? Obviously, the consequence can only be God spurning you. This is because you always flaunt your qualifications before God, compete with God, and dispute with God, and you do not try to truly comprehend God’s thinking, nor do you try to comprehend God’s intentions and God’s attitude toward humanity. Proceeding like this is honoring yourself above all, not honoring God. You believe in yourself; you don’t believe in God. God doesn’t want this type of person, and God won’t save this type of person. If you can let go of this kind of viewpoint, and then rectify these incorrect viewpoints of the past; if you could proceed according to God’s demands; start practicing the way of fearing God and shunning evil from this point forward; manage to honor God as great in all things; don’t use your own personal fancies, viewpoints, or beliefs to define yourself, define God. And instead, you seek out God’s intentions in all respects, you achieve a realization and understanding of God’s attitude toward humanity, and you use God’s standard to satisfy God—that would be wonderful! This would mean you are about to embark on the way of fearing God and shunning evil. Continue reading

English Christian Crosstalk “Waking Up” | The Lord Is Knocking on the Door—Come and Meet the Lord

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“Waking Up” makes me easy to understand the truth about how the Son of man will be “knocking at the door” to those who are longing for His retuen. Share with you all! Thank the Lord!

Just Awake and About To Wake are preachers of a Christian sect who both sincerely believe in the Lord, and who eagerly yearn for His return. But they have always felt puzzled and confused about how the Lord will knock at the door upon His return, and what they should do to welcome Him. When a sister knocks on her door many times to preach God’s gospel of the last days, Just Awake finally awakens to reality through a period of seeking and investigation. After hearing Just Awake’s experience, About To Wake also awakens from her confusion, and she comes to know that the Lord came in secret long ago, that He incarnated to express His words, that He uses His words to knock at the door of man’s heart and that, by carefully listening to God’s voice, the wise virgins are able to welcome the return of the Lord and follow God’s footprints! Continue reading