worship song | The Seven Thunders Roll

The seven thunders roll,
shaking up the world,
rending through the sky,
changing heaven and earth.
Piercing is the sound.
Where can man run and hide?
Heaven and earth are changed
by thunder and lightning.
Man lies dying.
A fierce storm rolls in
across the universe,
fast as thunderbolt;
heavy rain pours in.
Each corner of the earth
is bathed in this storm and
nothing impure remains, oh …
The whole world is washed and
nothing unclean stands.
Who can hide from the stormy rain?
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How to Know God’s Disposition and the Result of His Work (Part Five)

  Man’s Fate Is Decided by His Attitude Toward God

God’s will,Life,truth,believe ,Holy Spirit  God is a living God, and just as people perform differently in different situations, God’s attitude toward these performances differs because He is not a puppet, nor is He empty air. Getting to know God’s attitude is a worthy pursuit for mankind. People should learn how, by knowing God’s attitude, they can know God’s disposition and understand His heart bit by bit. When you come to understand God’s heart bit by bit, you won’t feel that fearing God and shunning evil is a difficult thing to accomplish. What’s more, when you understand God, it’s harder for you to make conclusions about Him. When you stop making conclusions about God, you’re less likely to offend Him, and unwittingly God will lead you to have a knowledge of Him, and thereby you will fear God in your heart. You will stop defining God using the doctrines, the letters, and the theories you’ve mastered. Rather, by always seeking out God’s intentions in all things, you will unconsciously become a person who is after God’s heart. Continue reading

Gospel Song “Christ’s Substance Is Determined by His Work and Expressions”

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Do you know how the Lord was crucified?

Christ’s substance is determined by His work and expressions.
With a heart that is true, He completes what’s entrusted,
worships God in heaven and seeks His Father’s will.
This is all determined by His substance, and so too are His natural revelations.
So called because His expressions aren’t imitations,
or from years of man’s cultivation or education.
They are not learned or self-adorned, but inherent. Ah …
They are not learned or self-adorned, but inherent. Ah … Continue reading

The Testimony of a Christian | In the Middle of a Disaster I Saw God’s Protection

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Zhang Min, Beijing

August 6, 2012

  On July 21, 2012, it started to rain heavily in the morning. By the afternoon when I was supposed to go to a meeting, I saw the rain was so heavy that I didn’t want to go. But it was just once a week, if I didn’t go I’d have no way to do my church work. Whatever there was going on outside, I still had to fellowship with them. When I thought of that, I hurried myself to the meeting. After four o’clock that afternoon, the brother of the meeting place ran back home, saying: “You’re still holding meeting, get yourselves home, there’s a whole lot of water coming down out there.” I went out and looked and there was a lot of water coming down, the river was swollen and running very high. I’d never seen so much water, I had no way to get home. (My place was half a li outside this village.) I was very anxious. There was nothing I could do, I had to go back to the meeting place, because the place was high up, and safer. After a while I heard a clamor of voices outside. I went out to look, and it was the adults and children of my village coming their way with ropes and poles. I rushed to ask how my house was doing, and someone told me it hadn’t been washed away, but the waters were high outside of the wall of the yard. I thought to myself: All things are in God’s hands. Even if the house is washed away, there is the good purpose of God in it. Continue reading

The Testimony of a Christian | Amidst Disaster, I Saw God’s Hand


Ying Xin, Beijing

August 15, 2012

  On July 22, 2012, the day after Beijing’s flood of July 21, I hurried over to visit a sister who had just accepted God’s work of the last days two months previously. No sooner had I entered her village when the scene I saw before me stunned me speechless! I saw that the roads had collapsed, revealing their foundations beneath the asphalt. Everywhere were stone fragments that had tumbled down from the mountain, the larger of them weighing a few tons. Mud had piled up to thirty centimeters deep, and the rainwater running off the mountain slopes had already formed into a small river…. The entire village was in a total mess, completely beyond recognition.

  I passed through the village, and halfway up the mountain I saw Sister Li (the new sister). She described to me how the disaster had unfolded. Continue reading