Christian Movie Segment – God Holds Sovereignty Over All Things in the Universe (Gospel Music)

Mankind has been seeking these answers for several thousand years: How can the celestial bodies in the universe proceed in such perfect order? Why do all living things always move in cycles following immutable rules? Why are people born, and then why do we die? Who has really determined all of these rules and laws? Who really does rule over the universe and all things? This wonderful segment from the Christian movie, The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything, will guide you to get to the root of these questions and unveil all these mysteries.

Impression after watching:

Since ancient times until now, no matter whether you’re poor or rich, we live in the same rule of life: birth, growth, marriage, old age, and death. Who knows where the rule comes from? Is it really just a rule of nature? Or there is The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything? The Lord Jesus Has Already Come. God’s Sheep Hear the Voice of God.


Best Christian Video “I Am a Good Person! ” (2018 Full Movie) 

Best Christian Video “I Am a Good Person! ” (2018 Full Movie) Yang Huixin, a Christian, has loved being a good person since she was little. She doesn’t like to offend others. She believes herself to be a good person because she is kind and agreeable with others. But only after she accepts God’s gospel of the last days and undergoes the judgment and chastisement of God’s words does she have an awakening, and realize that she’s not a true good person. Rather, she lives based on satanic philosophies, and is a very selfish, cunning “nice guy.” She resolves in her heart to seek the truth and become a good person who is honest and upright…. What experiences did Yang Huixin go through that allowed her to undergo such a transformation?

Christian Crosstalk “A Love No Net Can Catch” | Love God Without a Change of Heart in Persecution

The crosstalk A Love No Net Can Catch shares the experience of a Christian who is subjected to all sorts of monitoring and pursuit by the CCP government; she cannot return home, instead constantly on the run. The CCP has spent vast amounts of money to build its “Skynet Project” to suppress Christians and crack down on dissidents, establishing the world’s largest video surveillance network to control China so tightly that even a needle, a drop of water cannot get through. Under the government’s high-intensity surveillance Christians’ freedoms are restricted at every turn and they face the constant danger of being arrested and imprisoned. But under God’s guidance, Christians from The Church of Almighty God have not lost their faith in God and have become firmer in their faith through hardships. The CCP government may be able to catch their bodies in their net, but they will never get their hearts that aspire to the light and seek to love God.

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Classic Words on How to Practice Love of God

Walk in the Love of God | Christian Music | “God Puts His Hope Completely on Man”

Harvest after watching:

When hearing the lyrics “Among all creatures, all living things, it’s only mankind who words can bring and talk with God, converse with God.”, I felt so blissful. I remember a warm scene that Adam and Eve could converse with God face to face at all times before they sinned. Although we can’t converse with God face to face, we still enjoy all things supplied by God in our daily lives, pray to Him at any time and in any place, and eat and drink the newest words expressed by God. We really feel the true love of God and have a deeper understanding of God. Thank Almighty God!

From the beginning until today,
it’s only mankind who’s had a way
to talk with God, converse with God.
Among all creatures, all living things,
it’s only mankind who words can bring
and talk with God, converse with God.
Since His management,
God has been waiting for just one offering—
the heart of man, that He may cleanse and equip it,
and make man satisfying and loved by God,
man satisfying and loved by God. Continue reading

Christian English Movie “Salvation” | What Is Being Saved? What Is True Salvation?

What I gain from this movie:   📽💖🌈🐑🐐🐑

Pursuing loving God requires faith
Practicing the truth requires courage
Overcoming Satan requires strength

What Is Being Saved? What Is True Salvation? What is salvation? Those who believe in the Lord Jesus think that if they sincerely pray to the Lord, confess their sins, and repent, their sins will be forgiven, and they will be granted salvation, and when the Lord comes, they will be directly raised into the kingdom of heaven. But is salvation really that simple?
The hero of the film, Xu Zhiqian, has believed in God for many years, passionately expends for God, and forsook everything to perform his duties. For this, he was arrested and tortured by the Chinese Communist Party. After he was released from prison, he continued to perform his duties, gained some practical experience, and his sermons and work resolved some practical problems for his brothers and sisters. Later, his wife was also arrested, but he didn’t complain, become negative, or fall apart…. All of this earned him compliments and praise from his brothers and sisters. Xu Zhiqian believes that he has the reality of the truth and that there is no problem entering the kingdom of heaven. But soon, an unexpected trial came to him—his wife dies under torture by the CCP police. Xu Zhiqian, distraught, has notions, misunderstandings, and complaints about God, as well as thoughts of rebellion against and betrayal of God…. Later, when he realizes he is betraying God, he begins to reflect, and wonders if people who, like himself, undergo trials and then complain, misunderstand God, and betray God are truly saved. Are they truly qualified to enter the kingdom of God?