Utterances of Almighty God | Be Mindful of God’s Will to Attain Perfection

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Utterances of Almighty God | Be Mindful of God’s Will to Attain Perfection

The more you are mindful of God’s will, the more of a burden you have; the more of a burden you have, the richer your experience will be. When you are mindful of God’s will, God will give this burden to you, and God will enlighten you on the things that He has entrusted you with. After God has given you this burden, you will pay attention to the truths of this aspect when eating and drinking God’s words. If you have a burden related to the state of the brothers’ and sisters’ lives, this is a burden entrusted to you by God, and your daily prayers will always carry this burden. What God does has been entrusted to you, you are willing to carry out that which God wants to do, and this is what it means to take on God’s burden as your own. At this point, your eating and drinking of God’s words will focus on the issues in these aspects, and you will think, how am I going to resolve these issues? How am I going to allow the brothers and sisters to be released, to have enjoyment in their spirits? You will focus on solving these issues when you are in fellowship, you will focus on eating and drinking words relating to these issues when you are eating and drinking God’s words, you will be eating and drinking God’s words while carrying this burden, and you will understand God’s requirements. At this point, you will be clearer about the path to walk. This is the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit brought about by your burden, and this is God providing His guidance to you. Why do I say this? If you do not have a burden, then you do not pay attention when eating and drinking God’s words; when you are eating and drinking God’s words while carrying a burden, you are able to grasp the essence of God’s words, find your way, and be mindful of God’s will. Therefore, you should ask God in your prayers to place more burdens on you so that He may entrust you with greater things, you are better able to find a path of practice ahead, you become more effective in eating and drinking God’s words, you are able to grasp the essence of His words, and you are more able to accept being moved by the Holy Spirit. Continue reading


The Church of Almighty God | The Real Meaning of “Rebellion Against God”

The Church of Almighty God, Almighty God’s Words, Eastern Lightning,salvation,truthThe Church of Almighty God | The Real Meaning of “Rebellion Against God”

Zhang Jun    Shenyang City, Liaoning Province

  In the past, I believed that “rebellion against God” meant betraying God, leaving the church, or walking away from one’s duty. I thought these behaviors constituted rebellion. Therefore, whenever I heard of people engaging in such behaviors, I would remind myself that I should not rebel against God as they did. Furthermore, I was cautious in all my endeavors and abided by all the tasks assigned to me by the church. I neither retreated from my duty when I was dealt with and pruned nor withdrew from the church when I was tried, regardless of the hardship. Thus, I believed that I never rebelled against God. I felt that I had already acquired some stature and was confident that I would follow God until the end and ultimately achieve salvation. Continue reading

Movies of the Church of Almighty God|”The Moment of Change”

   Su Mingyue was a preacher of a house church in mainland China. For many years, she had been godly in her service to the Lord, unremittingly working and preaching for the Lord and much burdened for the church work. Based on Paul’s words in the Bible, she thought that believers in the Lord have already been justified through faith and saved through grace. Despite the fact that they still sin often, she believed that the Lord has forgiven the believers of their sins and that the Lord at His return will transfigure and sanctify them, and rapture them to the kingdom of heaven. But in recent years, the desolation of the church became greater, negativity and weakness prevailed among the believers, and their faith and love grew cold. In this situation, some co-workers began to doubt the truth of the view “man will be transfigured in a moment and taken into the kingdom of heaven when the Lord returns” on the basis of the Lord Jesus’ words: “Not every one that said to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that does the will of my Father which is in heaven.” They thought as man can still lie and sin after believing in the Lord, they are far away from purification, not to mention doing God’s will. So they wonder how people like this could be raptured into the kingdom of heaven when the Lord returns. After fellowship and debates about the truth, Su Mingyue felt that Paul’s words about “change in a moment” truly contradict the Lord Jesus’ words. But which view is correct? Su Mingyue felt conflicted in her heart and the confusion was born. In order to find the church with the work of the Holy Spirit and the solution to their practical confusion in case they be abandoned by the Lord Jesus, Su Mingyue decided to investigate the Eastern Lightning. Through a fellowship and debate with the witnesses from the Church of Almighty God, Su Mingyue and some others finally understood the only path to entering the kingdom of heaven….
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Expression of Almighty God | How to Know Reality

Expression of Almighty God | How to Know Reality

  God is the God of reality: All of His work is real, all of the words He speaks are real, and all of the truths He expresses are real. Everything that is not His words is vacuous, non-existent, and unsound. Today, the Holy Spirit is to guide people into the words of God. If people are to pursue entry into reality, then they must seek reality, and know reality, after which they must experience reality, and live out reality. The more that people know reality, the more they are able to tell whether the words of others are real; the more people know reality, the less conceptions they have; the more people experience reality, the more they know the deeds of the God of reality, and the easier it is for them to leave their corrupt, satanic dispositions behind; the more reality people have, the more they know God, and the more they detest the flesh and love the truth; and the more reality people have, the closer they come to the standards of God’s requirements. People who are gained by God are those who are possessed of reality, and who know reality; those who are gained by God have come to know God’s real deeds through experiencing reality. The more actually you cooperate with God and discipline your body, the more you will acquire the work of the Holy Spirit, the more you will gain reality, and the more you will be enlightened by God—and thus the greater your knowledge of God’s real deeds. If you are able to live in the present light of the Holy Spirit, the present path to practice will become clearer to you, and you will be more able to separate yourself from the religious conceptions and old practices of the past. Today reality is the focus: The more reality people have, the clearer their knowledge of the truth, and the greater their understanding of God’s will. Reality can overcome all letters and doctrines, it can overcome all theory and expertise, and the more reality people focus on, the more they truly love God, and hunger and thirst for His words. If you always focus on reality, your life philosophy, religious conceptions, and natural character will naturally be expunged following the work of God. Those who do not pursue reality, and have no knowledge of reality, are likely to pursue that which is supernatural, and they will be easily tricked. The Holy Spirit has no means of working in such people, and so they feel vacant, and that their lives have no meaning. Continue reading

Expression of Almighty God|The Path… (6)

    It is because of God’s work that we have been brought into the present day. So, we are all the survivors in God’s management plan, and that we can be retained until the present day is a great uplifting from God. According to God’s plan, the country of the great red dragon should be destroyed, but I think that perhaps He has established another plan, or He wants to carry out another portion of His work. So until today I haven’t been able to explain it clearly—it’s as if it’s an inexplicable riddle. But overall, this group of ours has been predestined by God, and I continue to believe that God has other work in us. May we all beseech Heaven thus: “May Your will be accomplished and may You once again appear to us and not conceal Yourself so that we may see Your glory and Your countenance more clearly.” I always feel that the path that God guides us on doesn’t go straight up, but it’s a winding road that is full of potholes, and God says that the rockier the path is the more it can reveal our hearts of love, but not one of us can open up this kind of path. In My experience, I have walked many rocky, treacherous paths and I have endured great suffering; at times I have even been utterly grief-stricken to the point that I seemingly wanted to cry out, but I have walked this path until this day. I believe that this is the path led by God, so I endure the torment of all the suffering and continue on because this is what God has ordained, so who can escape it? I do not ask to receive any blessings; all I ask is that I am able to walk the path I ought to walk according to God’s will. I do not seek to imitate others or walk the path that they walk—all I seek is that I may fulfill My devotion to walk My designated path until the end. I do not ask for the help of others; to be frank, I can’t help anyone else either. It seems that I am terribly sensitive on this matter. I don’t know what other people think. This is because I have always believed that however much an individual must suffer and however far they must walk on their path is ordained by God and that no one can really help anyone else. Perhaps a portion of our enthusiastic brothers and sisters may say that I am lacking in love. But this is just what I believe. People walk their paths relying on God’s guidance, and I believe that most of My brothers and sisters will understand My heart. I also hope that God provides us with much greater enlightenment in this aspect so that our love may become purer and our friendship may become more precious. May we not be confused on this topic, but only become clearer so that the relationships between people may be established on the basis of God’s leadership.

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