Books of the Church of Almighty God | The Supernaturalness and Greatness of God’s Life Power

The Supernaturalness and Greatness of God’s Life Power

by Lin Ling

(from Shandong Province, China)

  I was born in a poor peasant family. Because my family didn’t have power or influence, I was looked down upon and often bullied by others from my childhood. At such times, I felt especially aggrieved and distressed and expected from my heart that a savior could come to change my destiny. After marriage, my life was tough and my child often got ill, so a neighbor preached Jesus to me. Learning that the Lord Jesus could save those who suffered hardships and afflictions from the sea of misery, I was very excited in my heart, feeling that I finally found the savior. From then on, I believed in Jesus and was very zealous, often going to different places to attend meetings and listen to preachings. Later, however, I found that the church became more and more desolate and the phenomenon of jealousy and strife and scheming against one another became more and more serious, which was no better than the world. I was very disappointed and my faith grew cold gradually, and I didn’t attend meetings any more. Continue reading


Books of the Church of Almighty God | The Words of Admonition

  Hearing these words, you feel very upset, don’t you? Although you do not want to hear or accept these words, they are all facts. It is God who comes to do this stage of work, so if you do not care about God’s will or God’s attitude and do not know God’s substance and disposition, then in the end you yourselves will suffer loss. Do not blame me for speaking unpleasant words or blame me for chilling your heart by my words. What I say are all facts and are not to discourage you. No matter what I require you to do and how I require you to do it, my expectation is that you can take the right way and that you can walk in God’s ways and will not deviate from the right way. If you do not do according to God’s words or keep his ways, then undoubtedly you are disobeying God and deviating from the right way. So I feel it very necessary to make certain things clear to you, so that you can believe in a clear and distinct way and not in a muddled way, and so that you can definitely know God’s attitude and God’s will and know how God perfects men and by what means God decides men’s outcomes. If one day you fail to keep up, I can say that I have no responsibility for it, because many words I have already told you clearly. As to how you yourself treat your outcome, it is completely up to you. In treating different people’s outcomes, God has different attitudes, and he has his way of measurement and his required standard. This standard of measurement is fair to everyone. This is beyond question! So it is unnecessary for some people to be worried. Now you are relieved, right? That’s all for today. Good-bye!