Utterances of Almighty God | The Age of Kingdom Is the Age of Word

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  In the Age of Kingdom, God uses the word to usher in a new age, to change the means of His work, and to do the work for the entire age. This is the principle by which God works in the Age of Word. He became flesh to speak from different perspectives, enabling man to truly see God, who is the Word appearing in the flesh, and His wisdom and wonder. Such work is done to better achieve the goals of conquering man, perfecting man, and eliminating man. This is the true meaning of using the word to work in the Age of Word. Through the word, man comes to know the work of God, the disposition of God, the essence of man, and what man ought to enter into. Through the word, all the work God wishes to do in the Age of Word is accomplished. Through the word, man is revealed, eliminated, and tried. Man has seen the word, heard the word, and become aware of the existence of the word. As a result, man believes in the existence of God; man believes the almightiness and wisdom of God, as well as God’s heart of love for man and His desire to save man. Though the word “word” is simple and ordinary, the word from the mouth of God become flesh shakes the entire universe; His word transforms the heart of man, the notions and the old disposition of man, and the old appearance of the entire world. Through the ages, only the God of this day works in such a manner, and only He speaks and saves man thus. Thereafter, man lives under the guidance of the word, shepherded and supplied by the word; they live in the world of the word, live within the curses and blessings of God’s word, and even more live under the judgment and chastisement of the word. These words and this work are all for the sake of man’s salvation, achieving God’s will, and changing the original appearance of the world of old creation. God created the world with the word, leads men throughout the universe with the word, conquers and saves them with the word. Finally, He shall use the word to bring the entire world of old to an end. Only then is the management plan wholly complete. Throughout the Age of Kingdom, God uses the word to do His work and achieve the results of His work; He does not work wonders or perform miracles; He merely does His work through the word. Because of the word, man is nourished and supplied; because of the word, man gains knowledge and true experience. Man in the Age of Word has truly received exceptional blessings. Man suffers no pain of the flesh and simply enjoys the bountiful supply of the word of God; they need not seek or journey forth, and at ease they see the appearance of God, hear Him speak personally, receive His supply, and see Him personally do His work. Man in ages past was unable to enjoy such things, and these are blessings that they could never receive. Continue reading


Utterances of Almighty God | Be Mindful of God’s Will to Attain Perfection

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Utterances of Almighty God | Be Mindful of God’s Will to Attain Perfection

The more you are mindful of God’s will, the more of a burden you have; the more of a burden you have, the richer your experience will be. When you are mindful of God’s will, God will give this burden to you, and God will enlighten you on the things that He has entrusted you with. After God has given you this burden, you will pay attention to the truths of this aspect when eating and drinking God’s words. If you have a burden related to the state of the brothers’ and sisters’ lives, this is a burden entrusted to you by God, and your daily prayers will always carry this burden. What God does has been entrusted to you, you are willing to carry out that which God wants to do, and this is what it means to take on God’s burden as your own. At this point, your eating and drinking of God’s words will focus on the issues in these aspects, and you will think, how am I going to resolve these issues? How am I going to allow the brothers and sisters to be released, to have enjoyment in their spirits? You will focus on solving these issues when you are in fellowship, you will focus on eating and drinking words relating to these issues when you are eating and drinking God’s words, you will be eating and drinking God’s words while carrying this burden, and you will understand God’s requirements. At this point, you will be clearer about the path to walk. This is the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit brought about by your burden, and this is God providing His guidance to you. Why do I say this? If you do not have a burden, then you do not pay attention when eating and drinking God’s words; when you are eating and drinking God’s words while carrying a burden, you are able to grasp the essence of God’s words, find your way, and be mindful of God’s will. Therefore, you should ask God in your prayers to place more burdens on you so that He may entrust you with greater things, you are better able to find a path of practice ahead, you become more effective in eating and drinking God’s words, you are able to grasp the essence of His words, and you are more able to accept being moved by the Holy Spirit. Continue reading

Almighty God’s Word “Does the Trinity Exist?” | Eastern Lightning

  Almighty God says, “The Spirit within Jesus, the Spirit in heaven, and the Spirit of Jehovah are all one. It can be called the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God, the sevenfold intensified Spirit, and the all-inclusive Spirit. The Spirit of God alone can carry out much work. He is able to create the world and destroy it by flooding the earth; He can redeem all mankind, and moreover, conquer and destroy all mankind. This work is all carried out by God Himself and cannot have been done by any other of the persons of God in His stead. His Spirit can be called by the name of Jehovah and Jesus, as well as the Almighty. He is the Lord, and Christ. He can also become the Son of man. He is in the heavens and also on the earth; He is on high above the universes and among the multitude. He is the only Master of the heavens and earth!” Continue reading

Expression of Almighty God | On Quieting Your Heart Before God

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Expression of Almighty God | On Quieting Your Heart Before God

  Quieting your heart before God is one of the most crucial steps for entering into God’s words, and is a lesson that all people presently have an urgent need to enter. The entry ways to quieting your heart before God are:

1. Withdraw your heart from external things, be quiet before God, and pray to God with a focused heart.

2. With your heart quiet before God, eat, drink, and enjoy God’s words.

3. Make it a usual practice to meditate on and contemplate God’s love and ponder God’s work with your heart. Continue reading

Expression of Almighty God | The Commandments of the New Age

Expression of Almighty God | The Commandments of the New Age

  You have been told to equip yourselves with the words of God, that regardless of what is arranged for you, all is orchestrated by God’s own hand, and that there is no need for your earnest prayer or supplication—they are useless. Yet in terms of the present situation, the practical problems facing you are unimaginable to you. If you merely await the arrangements of God, your progress will be too slow, and for those who don’t know how to experience there will be much passivity. Thus, if you are unable to completely see through to these things, then you are muddled and silly in your experiencing. If you have no reality but only words, is this not a sign of erroneousness? Much erroneousness is visible in you, this group. Today, you’re incapable of achieving such trials as “service-doers,” or else are incapable of imagining or achieving other refinement related to the words of God. You must adhere to the many things you are required to put into practice. Which is to say, people must adhere to the many duties that they should perform. This is what people should adhere to, and what they must carry out. Let the Holy Spirit do what must be done by the Holy Spirit; man can play no part in it. Man should adhere to what ought to be done by man, which bears no relation to the Holy Spirit. It is nothing but that which ought to be done by man, and should be adhered to as commandment, just like adherence to the law of the Old Testament. Although now is not the Age of Law, there are still many words of a kind with the Age of Law that should be adhered to, and they are not carried out merely by relying on being touched by the Holy Spirit, but are what should be adhered to by man. For example: You shall not pass judgment on the work of the practical God. You shall not oppose the man who is testified to by God. Before God, you shall keep your place and shall not be dissolute. You should be moderate in speech, and your words and actions must follow the arrangements of the man testified to by God. You should revere the testimony of God. You shall not ignore the work of God and the words from His mouth. You shall not imitate the tone and aims of God’s utterances. Externally, you shall not do anything that manifestly opposes the man who is testified to by God. This, and more, is what each person should adhere to. In each age, God specifies many rules that are akin to the laws and are to be adhered to by man. Through this, He constrains man’s disposition, and detects his sincerity. Take the words “Honor your father and your mother” of the Old Testament age, for example. These words do not apply today; at the time, they merely constrained some of man’s external disposition, they were used to demonstrate the sincerity of man’s belief in God, and were a mark of those who believed in God. Although now is the Age of Kingdom, there are still many rules that man must adhere to. The rules of the past don’t apply; today, there are many, more fitting practices for man to carry out, and which are necessary. They do not involve the work of the Holy Spirit and must be done by man.

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