The Judgement of God Is the Grace of God | “The Most Wonderful Blessing” (A Real-Life Story)

The drama The Most Wonderful Blessing is the story of a preacher in a house church. He believed that just by giving up his home and his job, and working and preaching the gospel he could gain God’s blessing. After accepting Almighty God’s work of the last days he continued on as usual, and as a leader in the church focused only on working hard while neglecting to put God’s words into practice. He often relied on his own corrupt disposition in his affairs. God loathed this, and he lost the work of the Holy Spirit. After losing his position as a leader, for a time he was negative and resistant to God, but the judgment of God’s words awoke him. He realized that God’s most wonderful blessing for mankind is His judgment and chastisement.



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The Testimony of a Christian | Who Knows the Motherly Heart of God?

Qingxin    Zhengzhou City, Henan Province

  Regarding the “God is righteous” aspect of the truth, I used to always have a somewhat absurd understanding. I thought that as long as someone reveals corruption in their work or commits transgressions that damage the church’s work, that person shall face retribution, or lose their duty or be subjected to punishment. That is God’s righteousness. Given this incorrect understanding, plus the fear of losing my duty from committing mistakes in my work, I thought of a “clever” method: Whenever I do something wrong, I try my best to not let the leaders know first, and quickly try to make up for it myself and do my utmost to make it right. Won’t that then help me keep my duty? Hence, whenever I gave reports on my work, I would reduce big issues into small ones and small issues into nothing. If I was sometimes passive I would do my best to cover it up in front of the leaders and pretend to be very active and positive, terrified that the leaders would think I was incompetent and stop using me. So just like that, I would be very carefully guarded against the leaders in everything I did.

  However, God inspects people’s hearts, and my “superb trick” could never escape God’s eyes. I discovered that the more I tried to cover things up, the more God exposed me in the light. For instance: Whenever I tried to show off my “talent” in front of leaders, I would always stuff up and make a fool of myself; whenever I tried to cover up my passive situation, “dark clouds” would always inadvertently surface on my face and be figured out by brothers and sisters; whenever I tried to cover up the perfunctory way I dealt with my job, the result would be like a mirror that revealed everything. … Time after time of embarrassment and torment of my conscience from being dishonest made me fall down, yet I did not understand from this the intentions and purpose behind why God worked in this way, nor did I understand how God saved people. I merely waited passively for the arrival of “God’s righteous judgment”—to be dealt with by the church.

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The Testimony of a Christian | There Is No Special Treatment in the Church

Liu Xin    Liaocheng City, Shandong Province

  After following God over these years, I felt I had endured some suffering and paid a certain price, so I gradually started living off my past gains and flaunting my seniority. I thought: I’ve left home for so many years and my family hasn’t heard from me in a long time. Under these circumstances, the church will surely look after me. Even if I don’t perform my work well they won’t send me home. At most they’ll just dismiss me and get me to do some other work. Due to such thinking, I did not have any burden at all in my work. I turned a blind eye to everything, and I even viewed gospel work as an encumbrance, always living in difficulties and excuses. Even though I felt my heart accused and my conscience blamed because I was owing God too much through my perfunctory behavior, and that I would be eliminated sooner or later, I still just drifted along with the mentality of hoping to luck out, dawdling away my days in the church.

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  God is righteous and holy. In the end, after completely messing up my work through my long-term perfunctory dealings, I was dismissed and sent home for self-reflection. At the time, I was stunned: How could they not show me a little more consideration? After working for so many years, I now have to go home, just like that. But how can I face my family if I return home now? What prospects will I have in the future? … My heart grew extremely chaotic and I became full of misunderstanding and blame toward God. I fell into darkness, struggling in pain. Continue reading

The Testimony of a Christian | A Haughty Spirit Before a Fall

Baixue    Shenyang City

  Because of a work requirement, I was transferred to another work area. At that time, I was very grateful to God. I felt that I was lacking so much, yet through God’s divine promotion, I was given the opportunity to fulfill my duty in such a wonderful work area. I made a vow to God in my heart: I would do my very best to repay God.

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The Testimony of a Christian | Seeing My True Colors Clearly

My understanding:

God is here for us all the time, He is our refuge.

Xiaoxiao    Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province

 Seeing My True Colors Clearly

  Due to the needs of the church’s work, I was reallocated to another place to fulfill my duty. At the time, the gospel work at that place was at a low ebb, and the situation of brothers and sisters was generally not good. But because I was touched by the Holy Spirit, I still took on everything that was entrusted with full confidence. After accepting the entrustment, I felt full of responsibility, full of enlightenment, and even thought I had quite a bit of resolve. I believed I was capable and could perform this job well. In reality, at the time I had no knowledge whatsoever of the work of the Holy Spirit or my own nature. I was living completely in self-satisfaction and self-admiration. Continue reading