Walk in the Love of God | Christian Music | “God Puts His Hope Completely on Man”

Harvest after watching:

When hearing the lyrics “Among all creatures, all living things, it’s only mankind who words can bring and talk with God, converse with God.”, I felt so blissful. I remember a warm scene that Adam and Eve could converse with God face to face at all times before they sinned. Although we can’t converse with God face to face, we still enjoy all things supplied by God in our daily lives, pray to Him at any time and in any place, and eat and drink the newest words expressed by God. We really feel the true love of God and have a deeper understanding of God. Thank Almighty God!

From the beginning until today,
it’s only mankind who’s had a way
to talk with God, converse with God.
Among all creatures, all living things,
it’s only mankind who words can bring
and talk with God, converse with God.
Since His management,
God has been waiting for just one offering—
the heart of man, that He may cleanse and equip it,
and make man satisfying and loved by God,
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Expression of Almighty God|The Path… (8)

When God comes to the earth to mingle with mankind, to live with them, it is not just for one or two days. Maybe in all this time people have more or less known God, and maybe they have gained significant insights of serving God, and are very seasoned in their belief in God. Whatever the case is, people pretty much understand God’s disposition, and the expressions of all sorts of human dispositions are really varied. The way I see it, people’s various expressions are adequate for God to use as specimens, and their mental activities are adequate for Him to reference. Maybe this is one aspect in which mankind cooperates with God, it is mankind’s unwitting cooperation with God, so that this performance directed by God is colorful and lifelike, very vivid. I am saying these things to My brothers and sisters as the general director of this play—every single one of us can speak to our thoughts and feelings after acting this out, and chat about how each of us experiences our lives within this play. We may as well have an entirely new kind of symposium to open up our hearts and talk about our performing arts, see how God guides each individual so that in the next rendition we are able to express a higher level of our art and each play out our own role to the greatest extent possible, not disappointing God. I hope that My brothers and sisters can take this seriously—no one can overlook it because playing a part well isn’t something that can be achieved in one or two days. It requires that we experience life and go deeper into our real lives over the long term, and have practical experience of various types of lives. Only then can we go up on stage. I am full of hope for My brothers and sisters, and I believe that you are not disheartened or discouraged, and no matter what God does, you are like a pot of fire—you are never tepid and you can persist until the end, until God’s work is fully revealed, and until the play that God wants to rehearse comes to its final conclusion. I have no other requirements of you. All I hope for is that you can continue to hold on, that you are not anxious for results, that you cooperate with Me so that the work that I should do is done well, and that no one creates interruptions or disturbances. When this portion of the work is completed, God will reveal everything to you. After My work has been completed, I will present your credit in front of God to give account to Him. Isn’t that better? We can help each other achieve our own aims. Isn’t this a perfect solution for everyone? This is a difficult time that requires you to pay a price. Because I am currently the director, I hope that none of you are irritated. This is the work that I am doing. Perhaps there will be one day when I switch to a more appropriate “work unit” and I no longer make things difficult for you. I will show to you whatever you are willing to see, and I will also fulfill you in whatever you are willing to hear. But not now—this is the work for today and I cannot give free rein to your characters and allow you to do whatever you want to. That way, My work would not be easy to do. To be honest, that wouldn’t bear any fruit and it wouldn’t be beneficial for you. So now you need to “suffer hardships,” and when the day comes that this stage of My work has been completed I will be free. I will not bear such a heavy burden, and I will accede to whatever you ask from Me; as long as it is beneficial for your lives I will fulfill your requests. I have now taken up a heavy responsibility. I cannot go against the commands of God the Father, and I cannot disrupt the plans for My work. I cannot manage My personal affairs through My business affairs. I hope you can all understand and forgive Me because everything that I do is according to the intention of God the Father. I do whatever He has Me do no matter what He wants, and I am not willing to provoke His anger or His wrath. I only do what I should do. So on behalf of God the Father, I advise you to endure a little while longer. No one need worry. After I have completed what I need to do, you can do whatever you want and see whatever you like, but I must complete the work that I need to.

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Expression of Almighty God|The Path… (5)

  It used to be that no one knew the Holy Spirit, and they particularly did not know what the path of the Holy Spirit is. That’s why people always made fools of themselves in front of God. It can be said that nearly all of the people who believe in God do not know the Spirit, but just have a confused kind of belief. It’s clear from this that people do not understand God, and even though they say they believe in Him, in terms of the essence of it, based on their actions they believe in themselves, not God. From My personal actual experience, I can see that God witnesses God in the flesh, and from the outside, all people are forced to acknowledge His witness, and it can just barely be said that they believe that the Spirit of God is completely without error. However, I say that what people believe in is not this person and it particularly is not God’s Spirit, but they believe in their own feeling. Isn’t that just believing in themselves? These words I say are all true. Continue reading

Expression of Almighty God|The Path… (4)

  That people are able to discover God’s loveliness, to seek the way of loving God in this age, and that they are willing to accept the training of the kingdom of today—all of this is God’s grace and even more, it’s Him uplifting mankind. Whenever I think of this I strongly feel the loveliness of God. It is truly that God loves us. Otherwise, who would be able to discover His loveliness? It is only from this that I see that all of this work is personally done by God Himself, and people are guided and directed by God. I give thanks to God for this, and I’d like My brothers and sisters to join Me in praising God: “All glory be to You, the supreme God Himself! May Your glory multiply and be revealed in those of us who have been selected and obtained by You.” I have gained enlightenment from God—before the ages God had already predestined us and wanted to gain us in the last days, thus allowing all things in the universe to see God’s glory in its entirety through us. Thus, we are the crystallization of six thousand years of God’s management plan; we are the models, the specimens of God’s work in the entire universe. Not until now have I discovered how much love God truly has for us, and that the work He does in us and the things that He says all surpass that of ages past a millionfold. Even in Israel and in Peter, God never personally did so much work and spoke so much. This shows that we, this group of people, truly are incredibly blessed—incomparably more blessed than the saints of times past. This is why God has always said people of the final age are blessed. No matter what others say, I believe that we are the ones who are most blessed by God.

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Almighty God’s Words| The Path… (3)

  In My own life, I’m always willing to give Myself over to God entirely, body and mind. This way, there is no blame on My conscience and I can gain a little bit of peace. A person who pursues life must first give their heart over to God entirely. This is a precondition. I’d like for My brothers and sisters to pray with Me to God: “Oh God! May Your Spirit in heaven bestow grace upon people on the earth so that My heart may fully turn to You, that My Spirit may be moved by You, and that I may see Your loveliness in My heart and My Spirit, so that those on the earth are blessed to see Your beauty. God! May Your Spirit once again move our spirits so that our love is long-lasting and never changes!” What God does in all of us is to first test our hearts, and when we pour our hearts into Him, it is then that He begins to move our spirits. It is only in the spirit that one can see God’s loveliness, supremacy, and greatness. This is the path of the Holy Spirit in human beings. Do you have this kind of life? Have you experienced a life of the Holy Spirit? Has your spirit been moved by God? Have you seen how the Holy Spirit works in people? Have you given over your heart to God entirely? When you fully give your heart to God, you are able to directly experience the life of the Holy Spirit, and His work can be continually revealed to you. At that time, you can become someone who is used by the Holy Spirit. Are you willing to become that kind of person? In My memory, when I was moved by the Holy Spirit and first gave My heart to God, I fell down in front of Him and cried out: “Oh God! It is You who has opened up My eyes so that I may recognize Your salvation. I am willing to give My heart to You entirely, and all I ask is that Your will be done. All I wish is that My heart gain Your approval in Your presence, and to carry out Your will.” That prayer is most unforgettable for Me; I was deeply moved, and I wept bitterly in front of God. That was My first successful prayer in God’s presence as a person who has been saved, and it was My first aspiration. I was frequently moved by the Holy Spirit after that. Have you had this kind of experience? How has the Holy Spirit worked in you? I think that people who seek to love God will all have this kind of experience, to greater or lesser degrees, but people forget about them. If someone says they haven’t had this kind of experience, that proves that they have not yet been saved and are still under the domain of Satan. The work that the Holy Spirit carries out in everyone is the path of the Holy Spirit, and it is also the path of someone who believes in and seeks God. The first step of work that the Holy Spirit performs on people is that of moving their spirits. After that, they will begin to love God and pursue life; all of those on this path are within the stream of the Holy Spirit. These are not only the dynamics of God’s work in mainland China, but also in the entire universe. He does this on all of mankind. If someone has not been moved even once, this shows that they are outside of this stream of recovery. I pray to God unceasingly in My heart that He may move all people, that everyone under the sun may be moved by Him and walk this path. Perhaps this is some minuscule request I have of God, but I believe that He will do this. I hope that all of My brothers and sisters will pray for this, that God’s will may be done, and that His work may conclude soon so that His Spirit in heaven may be at rest. This is My own little hope.

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