Almighty God’s Word “The Appearance of God Has Brought a New Age” (Excerpt, Stage Version)

The Recitation of Almighty God’s Word “The Sighing of the Almighty” (Excerpt, Stage Version)

Almighty God says, “As dawn arrives, a morning star arises from the east. It is a star never there before. It lights up the still starry skies and ignites the extinguished light in the hearts of people. People are no longer lonely, because of this light, the light that shines upon you and upon others. But only you remain soundly asleep in the dark night. You are unable to hear the sound, nor see the light, unable to notice the advent of a new heaven and a new earth, a new age. Because your father tells you, “My child, do not get up, it is still early. The outdoors are cold, stay inside, lest the sword and spear pierce your eyes.” You believe only in your father’s exhortation, because you believe that father is correct as father is older than you, and that father truly loves you. Such exhortation and such love cause you to no longer believe the legend that there is light in the world, and no longer care whether the world has truth. You no longer dare to hope for rescue from the Almighty. You are content with the status quo, no longer hope for the advent of light, and no longer keep an eye out for the coming of the legendary Almighty. In your eyes, all that is beautiful can no longer be resurrected, nor continue to exist. In your eyes, the tomorrow and the future of mankind disappears and dooms. You clench tightly to your father’s clothes, willing to suffer together, fearing the loss of your travel partner and the direction of your distant journey. The vast and hazy world has made many of you, unflinching and dauntless in filling the different roles of this world. It has formed many “warriors” that do not fear death at all. More than that, it has created batches of desensitized and paralyzed humans who do not understand the purpose of their creation. The eyes of the Almighty look around the severely afflicted mankind, hearing the wailing of those suffering, seeing the shamelessness of those afflicted, and feeling the helplessness and dread of the mankind who has lost salvation. Mankind rejects His care, walks their own path, and avoids the searching of His eyes. They would rather taste all the bitterness of the deep sea, along with the enemy. The sighing of the Almighty can no longer be heard. The hands of the Almighty are no longer willing to touch the tragic mankind. He repeats His work, regaining and losing, time and again. From that moment, He grows tired, and feels weary, so He stops the work in His hand, and no longer wanders among the people. … People are not at all aware of these changes, not aware of the coming and going, the sorrow and disappointment of the Almighty.”


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Investigating the Eastern Lightning

How did the Church of Almighty God come into being?


I believe that God exists, but I am young and still have so much to do in life. Can I still achieve salvation if I wait until I am less busy to believe in Him?

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The Church of Almighty God | I believe that God exists, but I am young and still have so much to do in life. Can I still achieve salvation if I wait until I am less busy to believe in Him?

  The Answer from God’s Word:

  Man’s life has not the slightest warmth, and is devoid of any human flavor or light—yet he has ever inured himself to it, abiding a lifetime bereft of worth in which he rushes about without achieving anything. In the blink of an eye, the day of death draws near, and man dies a bitter death. In this world, he has never accomplished anything, or gained anything—he only hurriedly arrives, and hurriedly departs. None of those in My eyes have ever brought anything, or taken anything away, and so man feels that the world is unfair. Yet none are willing to hurry away. They merely await the day when My promise from heaven will suddenly come among man, allowing them, at the time when they have gone astray, to once more behold the way of eternal life.

from “The Twentieth Utterance” of God’s Utterances to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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King of Kings | The New Heaven and Earth | Musical Drama “Gospel Choir 13th Performance”

The Church of Almighty GodKing of Kings | The New Heaven and Earth | Musical Drama “Gospel Choir 13th Performance”

The 13th performance by the Church of Almighty God is a musical, a chorus of praise which fuses together Beijing opera, rock and roll, traditional work songs, Latin dance, animation, drama and other forms of expression, to give a vivid interpretation of the journey made by mankind—that has been deceived and corrupted by Satan—as they cast Satan aside and return before God to come under His salvation.
With Satan in power, demons running amok, and with the world in an abyss of darkness, in utter misery, like a hell on earth, mankind painfully struggles on through evil and, even more so, God’s chosen people suffer over and over the repression and slaughter at the hands of Satan’s demons. Just when Satan, the great red dragon’s savage evil and its wild defiance of God is at its height, lightning flashes from the East, and the Christ of the last days—the Almighty Himself—comes to earth to express His Word, bringing the true light, bringing wrath and bringing judgment. Under God’s majestic judgment, Satan reveals its true form and God’s chosen people use the word of God as a sharp sword to defeat Satan, never again to endure Satan’s control or manipulations. Finally, Satan is reduced to ashes by the fire of God’s wrath, and the whole world is returned to its former holiness. God’s chosen people gather together before God’s throne, and they happily sing and dance to celebrate the utter accomplishment of God’s great work! Continue reading

Many people say, “When heaven falls everyone shall die.” So when disasters befall, will believers in God really be spared from death?

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The Church of Almighty God | Many people say, “When heaven falls everyone shall die.” So when disasters befall, will believers in God really be spared from death?

  The Answer from God’s Word:

  God created this world, He created this mankind, and moreover He was the architect of ancient Greek culture and human civilization. Only God consoles this mankind, and only God cares for this mankind night and day. Human development and progress is inseparable from the sovereignty of God, and the history and future of mankind are inextricable from the designs of God. If you are a true Christian, then you will surely believe that the rise and fall of any country or nation occurs according to the designs of God. God alone knows the fate of a country or nation, and God alone controls the course of this mankind. If mankind wishes to have a good fate, if a country wishes to have a good fate, then man must bow down to God in worship, repent and confess before God, or else the fate and destination of man will unavoidably end in catastrophe.

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God’s word | God Himself, the Unique I God’s Authority (I)


The Church of Almighty God | God’s word | God Himself, the Unique I God’s Authority (I)


  My last several fellowships were about God’s work, God’s disposition, and God Himself. After hearing these fellowships, do you feel that you have gained an understanding and knowledge of God’s disposition? How great of an understanding and knowledge? Can you put a number to it? Did these fellowships give you a deeper understanding of God? Could it be said that this understanding is a true knowledge of God? Could it be said that this knowledge and understanding of God is a knowledge of the entire substance of God, and all that He has and is? No, obviously not! That is because these fellowships only provided an understanding of part of God’s disposition, and what He has and is—not all of it, or the entirety of it. The fellowships enabled you to understand part of the work once done by God, through which you beheld the disposition of God, and what He has and is, as well as the approach and thinking behind everything that He has done. But this is only a literal, spoken understanding of God, and, in your hearts, you remain uncertain about how much of it is real. What mainly determines whether there is any reality to people’s understanding of such things? It is determined by how much of God’s words and disposition they have truly experienced during their actual experiences, and how much they have been able to see and know during these actual experiences. “The last several fellowships allowed us to understand the things done by God, the thoughts of God, and, moreover, God’s attitude toward mankind and the basis of His actions, as well as the principles of His actions. And so we have come to understand the disposition of God, and have known the entirety of God.” Has anyone said such words? Is it right to say this? It clearly isn’t. And why do I say that it isn’t? God’s disposition, and what He has and is, are expressed in the things that He has done and the words He has spoken. Man is able to behold what God has and is through the work that He has done and the words that He has spoken, but this is only to say that the work and words enable man to understand a part of God’s disposition, and a part of what He has and is. If man wishes to gain a more plentiful and profound understanding of God, then man must experience more of God’s words and work. Although man only gains a partial understanding of God when experiencing part of God’s words or work, does this partial understanding represent God’s true disposition? Does it represent the substance of God? Of course it represents the true disposition of God, and the substance of God, of that there is no doubt. Regardless of the time or place, or in what manner God does His work, or in what form He appears to man, or in what way He expresses His will, all that He reveals and expresses represents God Himself, God’s substance and what He has and is. God carries out His work with what He has and is, and in His true identity; this is absolutely true. Yet, today, people only have a partial understanding of God through His words, and through what they hear when they listen to the preaching, and so to a certain extent, this understanding can only be said to be a theoretical knowledge. In view of your actual states, you can only verify the understanding or knowledge of God that you have heard, seen, or known and understood in your heart today if each of you goes through this in your actual experiences, and comes to know it bit by bit. If I did not fellowship these words with you, would you be able to achieve true knowledge of God solely through your experiences? To do so, I’m afraid, would be very difficult. That is because people must first have the words of God in order to know how to experience. However many of God’s words people eat, such is the number that they can actually experience. God’s words lead the path ahead, and guide man in his experience. In short, for those who have some true experience, these last several fellowships will help them achieve a deeper understanding of the truth, and a more realistic knowledge of God. But for those who don’t have any true experience, or who have only just begun their experience, or have only just begun to touch upon the reality, this is a great test.

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