Christian Song 2018 | “The Principles for Seeking the True Way”

What basic principles point out the true way?
See if the Spirit works, if truth is expressed;
see who is testified, and what it brings to you.
For belief in God means belief in God’s Spirit.
Faith in God incarnate is faith in the fact that
He’s the embodiment of the Spirit of God,
He is God’s Spirit who takes the form of flesh,
He is the Word that now has become flesh.

You should also see if truth is in this way.
Truth, that is normal human’s life disposition,
normal sense, insight, wisdom, and how you behave.
Truth, God intended way back at the creation.
Does the way lead to normal life?
Does its truth ask you to live normal humanity?
Is it practical, is it timely?
If there’s truth in this way, your experience will be real,
your humanity and sense will be complete,
your spiritual life and your life in flesh will become more orderly,
your emotions more normal. Continue reading


Truth Is the Highest of All Life’s Aphorisms

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Truth is the most real
of life’s aphorisms,
and the highest one among
all humanity.
It’s called life’s aphorism
because it’s what,
because it’s what God asks of man
and is work done by Him personally,
God asks of man
and is work done by Him personally.
It’s not a saying summed up
from something,
nor a famous quote
from someone great, someone great.
But it’s an utterance to mankind
from the Master of all things
on earth and in heaven. Continue reading

English Christian Video “Electronic Eyes All Over the City” (2018 Crosstalk)

In the name of public safety, the Chinese Communist Party installs electronic eyes everywhere, the true purpose of which is to use high-tech methods to attack dissent and persecute religious believers. Christians face serious challenges trying to survive under such intense surveillance. The crosstalk Electronic Eyes All Over the City uses a humorous and vivid two-person performance to reveal the evil truth of how the CCP uses its electronic eyes to control Christians, as well as the dark inner secrets of the CCP’s persecution of religion …

More attention :

Question 2: If Eastern Lightning is the true way, then what is the basis of your confirmation? We believe in the Lord Jesus because He redeemed us, but what do you use to verify that Eastern Lightning is the true way?

Christian Movie Segment – God Holds Sovereignty Over All Things in the Universe (Gospel Music)

Mankind has been seeking these answers for several thousand years: How can the celestial bodies in the universe proceed in such perfect order? Why do all living things always move in cycles following immutable rules? Why are people born, and then why do we die? Who has really determined all of these rules and laws? Who really does rule over the universe and all things? This wonderful segment from the Christian movie, The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything, will guide you to get to the root of these questions and unveil all these mysteries.

Impression after watching:

Since ancient times until now, no matter whether you’re poor or rich, we live in the same rule of life: birth, growth, marriage, old age, and death. Who knows where the rule comes from? Is it really just a rule of nature? Or there is The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything? The Lord Jesus Has Already Come. God’s Sheep Hear the Voice of God.


Executing a secret plan that Bitter Winter revealed one month ago, the CCP brings to Korea relatives of asylum seekers of The Church of Almighty God and organizes false “spontaneous demonstrations” with the help of pro-Chinese anti-cult activists.

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On August 4, 2018, Bitter Winter published a secret document by the Chinese Communist Party calling for harassment in South Korea of the asylum seekers of The Church of Almighty God (CAG), a Chinese Christian new religious movement heavily persecuted in China. The CCP called for the recruitment of the relatives of the asylum seekers who still live in China, if necessary through threats and coercion, who would then call for the “return home” of the refugees (who obviously would not return “home” but, once in China, will be arrested and will thus “return” to jail). The plan also sought the cooperation of pro-Chinese activists in South Korea and anti-cultists hostile to the CAG.

Bitter Winter has now learned that the CCP’s plan is being put into execution. On August 27, Ms. O Myung-ok (吴明玉Wu Mingyu), a pro-Chinese and anti-CAG activist, published several reports on some pro-Chinese and/or anti-cult Korean media, including Religion and Truth, releasing fake news claiming that CAG members are false refugees and are abusing the refugee system, and that the belief in Almighty God leads to family disruption. These reports strongly called for the deportation of CAG members back to China. Continue reading