The Words of the Holy Spirit | Almighty God’s Words “Is the Work of God So Simple as Man Imagines?”

The Words of the Holy Spirit | Almighty God‘s Words “Is the Work of God So Simple as Man Imagines?”

  Almighty God says, “His work now is to make pure all that has been corrupted by Satan so that they may be regained and become His possession and become His glory. Such work is not as simple as man imagines the creation of the heavens and earth and all things to be, and it is not akin to the work of cursing Satan to the bottomless pit as man imagines. Rather, it is to transform man, to turn that which is negative into the positive and to take into His possession that which does not belong to Him. This is the inside story of this stage of God’s work. You must realize it, and should not oversimplify matters. The work of God is unlike any ordinary work. Its marvel cannot be conceived by the mind of man, and its wisdom cannot be attained by such. God is not creating all things, and He is not destroying them. Rather, He is changing all of His creation and purifying all things that have been defiled by Satan. Therefore, God shall commence work of great magnitude, and this is the total significance of the work of God. From these words, do you believe that the work of God is so simple?” Continue reading


Utterances of Almighty God | End Religious Service

  Since the beginning of His work in the entire universe, God has predestined many people to serve Him, including people from every walk of life. His purpose is to fulfill His own will and to ensure that His work on earth is brought to fruition. This is God’s purpose in choosing people to serve Him. Every person who serves God must understand this will of God. Through this work of His, people are better able to see God’s wisdom and God’s almightiness, and to see the principles of His work on earth. God practically comes to earth to do His work and contact people so that they will know His deeds more clearly. Today, it is the privilege of you group of people to serve the practical God. This is a great blessing for you. God is truly raising you up. When God selects a person to serve Him, He always has His own principles. Serving God is not merely a matter of enthusiasm, as people imagine. Today a person can serve God in His presence, as you can see, because they are guided by God and have the work of the Holy Spirit; and because they are seekers after the truth. These are the minimum requirements for a servant of God.

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Expression of Almighty God|On the Steps of God’s Work

  From the outside, it seems that the steps of God’s work in this current stage have already been finished, and that mankind has already experienced the judgment, chastisement, smiting, and refinement of His words, and that they have undergone the steps such as the trial of service-doers, the refinement of the times of chastisement, the trial of death, the trial of the foils, and the times of[a] loving God. Although people have undergone great suffering in each step they still have not understood God’s will. Just like the trial of service-doers, what people gained from that, what they understood from it, and what result God wanted to achieve through that—people still remain unclear about these issues. It seems from the speed of God’s work, that according to the current rate people absolutely cannot keep up. It can be seen from this that God is first revealing these steps of His work to mankind, and He doesn’t necessarily need to get to a level that people can imagine in any of the steps, but He is trying to use this to elucidate an issue. Continue reading

Readings and Recitations of the Church of Almighty God| You Should Know How the Whole of Humanity Has Developed to the Present Day (Part One)

  Almighty God says, “All of His work is the most actual work. He carries out His work according to the development of the times, and He carries out His most actual work according to the changes of things. For Him, carrying out work is akin to administering medicine to an illness; He observes while doing His work; He works according to His observations. In every stage of His work, He is capable of expressing His ample wisdom and expressing His ample ability; He reveals His ample wisdom and ample authority according to the work of that particular age and allows any of those people brought back by Him during those ages to see His entire disposition. He supplies people’s needs and carries out the work He should do according to the work that must be done in each age; He supplies people’s needs according to the degree to which Satan has corrupted them.”

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