The Symbols of God’s Victory

The Symbols of God_s Victory

Man is restored to
what he looked like in the beginning.
They can fulfill their own duties,
keep their own place,
obey all the arrangements of God.
God will then have a group of people
worship Him on earth.
He will have also built a kingdom that
worships Him on earth too.
He will have also built a kingdom that
worships Him on earth too. Continue reading


Those Who Are to Be Made Perfect Must Undergo Refinement

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  If you believe in God, you must obey God, put the truth into practice and fulfill your duties. Additionally, you must understand the things you should experience. If you only experience dealing, discipline and judgment, if you only enjoy God, but you are unable to feel when God is disciplining you or dealing with you, this is unacceptable. Perhaps in this instance of refinement, you stand firmly where you are. This is still not enough, you must march forward. The lesson of loving God is endless, and there is never an end to it. People see believing in God as too simple, but once they gain some practical experience, they realize that belief in God is not as simple as people imagine. When God works to refine man, man suffers, his love of God becomes greater, and the more of God’s power is made plain in man. The less man’s refinement, the less his love of God, and the less God’s power is made plain in him. The greater his refinement and pain and the more his torment, the deeper his true love of God will be, the more genuine his faith in God will be, and the deeper his knowledge of God will be. In your experiences you will see that those who suffer great refinement and pain, and much dealing and discipline, have a deep love of God, and a more profound and insightful knowledge of God. Those who have not experienced any dealing have but a superficial knowledge, and can only say: “God is so good, He gives people graces so that they can enjoy Him.” If people have experienced dealing and discipline, then they would be able to speak the true knowledge of God. So the more wondrous is God’s work in man, the more valuable and significant it is; the more impenetrable it is to you and the more incompatible it is with your conceptions, the more God’s work is able to conquer you, gain you, and make you perfect. The meaning of God’s work is so great! If He did not refine man in this way, if He did not work by this means, then God’s work would be ineffectual and without significance. This is the reason behind the extraordinary meaning of His selection of a group of people during the last days. Previously, it was said that God would choose and gain this group. The greater the work He carries out within you, the deeper and purer your love, and the greater the work of God, the more you are able to appreciate His wisdom and the deeper is your knowledge of Him. During the last days, 6,000 years of God’s plan for management will come to an end. Can it possibly end just like that, so easily? Once He conquers mankind, will His work be over? Can it be so simple? People imagine that it’s so simple, but what God does is not that simple. No matter what part of God’s work it is, all is unfathomable to man. Were you able to fathom it, then God’s work would be without significance or value. The work done by God is unfathomable, it is too at odds with your conceptions, and the more irreconcilable it is with your conceptions, the more it proves that God’s work is meaningful; were it compatible with your conceptions, then it would be without meaning. Today, you feel that God’s work is too wondrous, and the more wondrous it is, the more you feel that God is unfathomable, and you see how great are God’s deeds. If it only took some perfunctory work to conquer man, after which this work was finished, then man would be incapable of beholding the significance of God’s work. Although you have received a little refinement today, it is of great benefit to the growth of your life—and so such hardship is of the utmost necessity to you. Today, you have received a little refinement, but afterward you will truly be able to behold the deeds of God, and ultimately you will say: “God’s deeds are so wondrous!” Such will be the words in your heart. Having experienced God’s refinement for a while (the trial of[a]service-doers and the times of chastisement), some people ultimately said: “Believing in God is really difficult!” This “difficult” shows that God’s deeds are unfathomable, that God’s work is possessed of great meaning and value, and highly worthy of being treasured by man. If, after I have done so much work, you had not the slightest knowledge, then could My work still have value? I will make you say: Service to God is really difficult, the deeds of God are so wondrous, God truly is wise! He’s so lovely! If, after experiencing for a while, you are able to say such words, then this proves that you have gained God’s work in you. One day, when you’re abroad to spread the gospel and someone asks you: “How is your faith in God?” you will be able to say: “God’s actions are so marvelous!” As soon as they see you say this, they’ll feel that there’s something within you and that God’s actions truly are unfathomable. This is truly bearing witness. You will say that God’s work is full of wisdom, and His work in you has truly convinced you and conquered your heart. You will always love Him because He is more than worthy of mankind’s love! If you can speak to these things, you can move people’s hearts. All of this is bearing witness. If you are able to be a resounding witness, to move people to tears, that shows that you truly are one who loves God. That’s because you are able to act as a witness of love for God and God’s actions can be expressed through you. And through your expression, other people can seek out His actions, experience God, and they’ll be able to stand steady in whatever environment they find themselves in. Only bearing witness this way is genuinely bearing witness, and this is exactly what is required of you now. You should say that God’s actions are extremely valuable and worthy of being treasured by people, that God is so precious and so abundant, He can not only speak, but even more He can refine people’s hearts, bring them enjoyment, and He can gain them, conquer them, and perfect them. From your experience you will see that God is very lovable. So how much do you love God now? Can you really say these things from your heart? When you are able to express these words from the depths of your heart you will be able to bear witness. Once your experience has reached this level you will be capable of being a witness for God, and qualified for it. If you don’t reach this level in your experience, then you will still be too far off. It’s normal for you to have weaknesses in refinement, but after refinement you should be able to say: “God is so wise in His work!” If you are truly able to take in practical recognition of this, it is precious, and your experience is valuable. Continue reading

Christian Skit “Gathering in a Cowshed” | It’s So Hard for Christians in China to Believe in God

My impression:

Through this video, I know clearer the hardships of Chinese Christians believing in God. The CCP’s unannounced visits and used various grandiose manner of speaking and excuses to search for the Christians. Even though the environment is so tough, it doesn’t stop their determination to pursue the truth and they also understand the reasons why God allows the CCP to persecute those who believe in Him through fellowshiping God’s word, so that those who love the truth can distinguish between good and evil and realize that the word of God can lead people to the right path and thus perfect their true faith. Chinese Christians are good examples for us to learn from. It is all achieved by the word of God. Glory be to Almighty God.

Currently, the atheist CCP government’s persecution of Christians is increasing by the day. Believers are facing restrictions on practicing their faith at every turn; they can’t even find a place to gather in peace. Left with no other choice, Liu Xiumin can only host a gathering with her brothers and sisters in her cowshed. But while they are gathering, village cadres come one after another to look around, making various excuses, and then even bring the CCP police in…. Will Liu Xiumin and her brothers and sisters be able to successfully hold their gathering? Will they be discovered? Will they be arrested? This short sketch Gathering in a Cowshed reveals for you how Christians in China manage to persist in their faith under the persecution of the CCP government.

The Creator’s Sincere Feelings Toward Mankind (Selection)

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  People often say that it is not an easy thing to know God. I, however, say that knowing God is not a difficult matter at all, for God frequently allows man to witness His deeds. God has never ceased His dialogue with mankind; He has never concealed Himself from man, nor has He hidden Himself. His thoughts, His ideas, His words and His deeds are all revealed to mankind. Therefore, so long as man wishes to know God, he can come to understand and know Him through all sorts of means and methods. The reason why man blindly thinks that God has intentionally avoided him, that God has intentionally hidden Himself from humanity, that God has no intention of allowing man to understand and know Him, is that he does not know who God is, nor does he wish to understand God; even more so, he is not concerned with the Creator’s thoughts, words or deeds…. Truthfully speaking, if one only uses their idle time to focus upon and understand the Creator’s words or deeds, and pay a little attention to the Creator’s thoughts and the voice of His heart, it will not be difficult for them to realize that the Creator’s thoughts, words and deeds are visible and transparent. Likewise, it will take little effort to realize that the Creator is among man at all times, that He is always in conversation with man and the entirety of creation, and that He is performing new deeds every day. His substance and disposition are expressed in His dialogue with man; His thoughts and ideas are revealed completely in His deeds; He accompanies and observes mankind at all times. He speaks quietly to mankind and all of creation with His silent words: I am above the universe, and I am amongst My creation. I am keeping watch; I am waiting; I am at your side…. His hands are warm and strong; His footsteps are light; His voice is soft and graceful; His form passes and turns, embracing all of mankind; His countenance is beautiful and gentle. He has never left, nor has He vanished. From dawn to dusk, He is mankind’s constant companion. His devoted care and special affection for humanity, as well as His true concern and love for man, were displayed bit by bit when He saved the city of Nineveh. In particular, the exchange between Jehovah God and Jonah laid barer the Creator’s pity for the mankind He Himself created. Through these words, you can obtain a deep understanding of God’s sincere feelings for humanity….

from “God Himself, the Unique III” inContin uation of The Word Appears in the Flesh


Christian Skit “The Village Mayor’s Limits” Who Has Made Christians Homeless (Based on True Story)

The Final Result That God’s Work Aims to Achieve

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In so much of the work of God,
anyone with true experience
feels reverence and fear for Him,
which is higher than admiration.
His judgment and chastisement
makes people see His disposition,
and revere Him in their hearts.
God is meant to be
revered and obeyed.
‘Cause His being and His disposition
are different from created beings,
are above created beings.
Only God deserves
reverence and submission. Continue reading