Professor Raffaella Di Marzio: The Church of Almighty God—A Peaceful Home for the Soul

Professor Raffaella Di Marzio: The Church of Almighty God—A Peaceful Home for the Soul In recent years, as the authorities of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has escalated its persecution of religious freedom, some Christians from The Church of Almighty God (CAG) were forced to escape from China to seek asylum in democratic countries overseas. When these Christians settled down in the countries that allow religious beliefs, they were given free space to create video works. Various video works independently produced by these CAG Christians are attractive to more and more people. Dr. Raffaella Di Marzio, director of the Center for Studies on Freedom of Religion, Belief and Conscience (LIREC) in Italy, also a professor, social activist and psychologist, who has acquainted herself with CAG Christians and its video works, is deeply moved by the movie Where Is My Home in particular. Guess what she says in her comment about The Church of Almighty God.

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2018 Comedy Skit “The Lord Is Knocking” | Welcome the Return of the Lord | Christian Variety Show

The skit The Lord Is Knocking explains how, in the last days, the Lord knocks at the door of our hearts with His words, and that wise virgins can hear God’s voice and feast with the Lamb. Pastor Chang Shoudao has always awaited the Lord’s return, but when Brother Zhen testifies to him that the Lord has already returned, he stubbornly sticks to his own notions and imaginings, believing that the Lord will return on a cloud, and keeping the door of his heart closed to the true way. This time, however, Brother Zhen discusses passages of the Scripture relating to the Lord’s return with him, and he discovers that the Bible contains prophecies that in the last days the Lord will return in secret, in incarnate flesh, to speak new words and purify man, and only afterward will appear publicly to reward good and punish evil. At the same time, he comes to understand the true meaning of the Lord knocking at our doors, and that the key to welcoming the Lord’s return is being able to hear God’s voice. When he finally hears the voice of God in Almighty God’s word, he finally opens the door to his heart and welcomes the Lord’s return.

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English Christian Video “Electronic Eyes All Over the City” (2018 Crosstalk)

In the name of public safety, the Chinese Communist Party installs electronic eyes everywhere, the true purpose of which is to use high-tech methods to attack dissent and persecute religious believers. Christians face serious challenges trying to survive under such intense surveillance. The crosstalk Electronic Eyes All Over the City uses a humorous and vivid two-person performance to reveal the evil truth of how the CCP uses its electronic eyes to control Christians, as well as the dark inner secrets of the CCP’s persecution of religion …

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Christian Variety Show “Eyes Everywhere” (2018 Crosstalk)

Harvest after watching:

This is my first time to hear the fact overseas that Christians have to disguise ourselves as if at war when going out in order to escape from the arrest of the Chinese police. However, in such an environment they still persist in preaching the gospel by praying to God and relying on God. It is so admirable. Let’s watch Christian Variety Show “Eyes Everywhere” (2018 Crosstalk), and it will vividly perform how the Christians preach the gospel and testify to God.

The crosstalk Eyes Everywhere describes how the Chinese Communist Party attempts to banish religion through using large-scale searches across the country, as well as turning people from every class and walk of life into eyes to investigate, monitor, and surveil Christians. Through a humorous, vivid performance, this comedy duo shows us all the despicable methods and detestable intentions with which the CCP arrests Christians, and at the same time shows us how Christians rely on God to avoid one pair of eyes after another, spread the gospel, and testify God.


Christian Skit “Gathering in a Cowshed” | It’s So Hard for Christians in China to Believe in God

My impression:

Through this video, I know clearer the hardships of Chinese Christians believing in God. The CCP’s unannounced visits and used various grandiose manner of speaking and excuses to search for the Christians. Even though the environment is so tough, it doesn’t stop their determination to pursue the truth and they also understand the reasons why God allows the CCP to persecute those who believe in Him through fellowshiping God’s word, so that those who love the truth can distinguish between good and evil and realize that the word of God can lead people to the right path and thus perfect their true faith. Chinese Christians are good examples for us to learn from. It is all achieved by the word of God. Glory be to Almighty God.


Currently, the atheist CCP government’s persecution of Christians is increasing by the day. Believers are facing restrictions on practicing their faith at every turn; they can’t even find a place to gather in peace. Left with no other choice, Liu Xiumin can only host a gathering with her brothers and sisters in her cowshed. But while they are gathering, village cadres come one after another to look around, making various excuses, and then even bring the CCP police in…. Will Liu Xiumin and her brothers and sisters be able to successfully hold their gathering? Will they be discovered? Will they be arrested? This short sketch Gathering in a Cowshed reveals for you how Christians in China manage to persist in their faith under the persecution of the CCP government.