Christian Crosstalk “A Love No Net Can Catch” | Love God Without a Change of Heart in Persecution

The crosstalk A Love No Net Can Catch shares the experience of a Christian who is subjected to all sorts of monitoring and pursuit by the CCP government; she cannot return home, instead constantly on the run. The CCP has spent vast amounts of money to build its “Skynet Project” to suppress Christians and crack down on dissidents, establishing the world’s largest video surveillance network to control China so tightly that even a needle, a drop of water cannot get through. Under the government’s high-intensity surveillance Christians’ freedoms are restricted at every turn and they face the constant danger of being arrested and imprisoned. But under God’s guidance, Christians from The Church of Almighty God have not lost their faith in God and have become firmer in their faith through hardships. The CCP government may be able to catch their bodies in their net, but they will never get their hearts that aspire to the light and seek to love God.

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Classic Words on How to Practice Love of God


English Christian Crosstalk “Tracking Service” Tear off the False Mask of China’s Religious Freedom

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Two christians performed a crosstalk lively about the plots and cunning schemes of the CCP who exhausts all possible means to keep christians from believing inΒ Almighty God. It also lets us clearly understand the fact that the CCP is the enemy of God. chinese christian not only didn’t fell down under the great persecution, but led and enlightened by God’s word and never yielded to the dark power of Satan, instead continuously walking the right way of human life. Friends, hope we share the crosstalk “Tracking Service”Β  to more people and let them know the real situation of Christian’s persecution in China, also hope more people pray for these Chinese Christians. May God give them power and faith to overcome the forces of darkness.”

gospel videos | “Tracking Service” | Tear off the False Mask of China’s Religious Freedom

In China, where the CCP holds all political power alone, cruel persecution of Christians by the CCP is an everyday occurrence. To banish religious belief, the CCP even has a “tracking service” for Christians. The crosstalk Tracking Service teaches you all the despicable methods the CCP uses to monitor and track Christians, and shows the hypocrisy of China’s “religious freedom.”

Christian Crosstalk “The Mystery of God’s Name” Will the Lord Still Be Called Jesus When He Returns?

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The book of Revelation prophesies God will have a new name. Why does God have different names in different ages? Could it be said that there are many truths and mysteries behind God’s names? I would like to share it with you this Videos. I feel it’s very good,

For two thousand years, Christians have always prayed in and called upon the Lord Jesus’ name, believing that God’s name will only ever be Jesus. However, it is prophesied in the Book of Revelation, chapter 3, verse 12, that the Lord shall have a new name upon His return. So now that the Lord has returned in the last days, can we still call Him Jesus? What mysteries are hidden within God’s name? The crosstalk, The Mystery of God’s Name, blends the performance styles of singing and recital to guide us to understand the significance of why God takes different names in different ages.

Christian Wang Dongdong’s Account of His Experience of the CCP’s Cruel Persecution

Wang Dongdong started to believe in the Lord Jesus along with his parents since he was little. In 2001, his whole family accepted Almighty God’s kingdom gospel. In 2011, his elder brother was arrested because of believing in God. Wang Dongdong and his parents were forced to flee their home. In 2012 when he was in exile, he heard the news that his mother passed away due to sickness while hiding from the hunting of the police. Wang was arrested by the Chinese SWAT officers in 2013 because of preaching the gospel, and he was tortured by them for three months and eleven days. After his release, he had no choice but to flee abroad in order to escape from the CCP’s persecution.

Personal thoughts:Β  Β  Β βœ¨πŸ’ŽπŸŒˆπŸ’–

No matter what setbacks and failures we meet, don’t give up or cry, because God is by our side. God is our rear guard! Don’t be afraid, we have God! God bless, Amen!

English Christian Crosstalk “Waking Up” | The Lord Is Knocking on the Doorβ€”Come and Meet the Lord

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“Waking Up” makes me easy to understand the truth about how the Son of man will be “knocking at the door” to those who are longing for His retuen. Share with you all! Thank the Lord!

Just Awake and About To Wake are preachers of a Christian sect who both sincerely believe in the Lord, and who eagerly yearn for His return. But they have always felt puzzled and confused about how the Lord will knock at the door upon His return, and what they should do to welcome Him. When a sister knocks on her door many times to preach God’s gospel of the last days, Just Awake finally awakens to reality through a period of seeking and investigation. After hearing Just Awake’s experience, About To Wake also awakens from her confusion, and she comes to know that the Lord came in secret long ago, that He incarnated to express His words, that He uses His words to knock at the door of man’s heart and that, by carefully listening to God’s voice, the wise virgins are able to welcome the return of the Lord and follow God’s footprints! Continue reading