Christian Movie Segment – God Holds Sovereignty Over All Things in the Universe (Gospel Music)

Mankind has been seeking these answers for several thousand years: How can the celestial bodies in the universe proceed in such perfect order? Why do all living things always move in cycles following immutable rules? Why are people born, and then why do we die? Who has really determined all of these rules and laws? Who really does rule over the universe and all things? This wonderful segment from the Christian movie, The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything, will guide you to get to the root of these questions and unveil all these mysteries. Continue reading


The Symbols of God’s Victory

The Symbols of God_s Victory

Man is restored to
what he looked like in the beginning.
They can fulfill their own duties,
keep their own place,
obey all the arrangements of God.
God will then have a group of people
worship Him on earth.
He will have also built a kingdom that
worships Him on earth too.
He will have also built a kingdom that
worships Him on earth too. Continue reading

How Can We Achieve Obedience to God When Faced With Adversity?

By Xiaoran

  Dear Lele:

  How are you these days? When I heard from you last night, my heart couldn’t calm down for a long time. Thinking back, as we first believed in the Lord, you told me that no matter how rough the path ahead would be, you would follow the Lord all your life. At that time, you had a particularly strong confidence and I always saw your face brimming with a happy smile in the church.

  Time flies; now you are a mother of two children. You said in the letter that you feel much pressure: Neither your work nor your husband’s business goes smoothly, and your children disobey you. These things make you feel that all misfortunes come upon you.

  You also told me that you are so miserable and depressed that you become a person who often complains, losing your previous obedience and love for the Lord. Besides, you seldom read the Bible or go to the church, which causes a deep gulf between you and the Lord and makes you doubt whether the Lord likes you. Facing unfortunate events, you feel no gratitude but are riddled with suffering and annoyance, and in no mood to sing the song “There Is True Peace in the Lord” anymore. You don’t know how to achieve obedience to God when encountering unfavorable things and adversities.

Praise, Jehovah,Life,truth,Judgment


  Lele, I can appreciate how you feel, and I know the pain that we want to obey God but can’t in difficult circumstances. After all, we all like comfort; who is willing to suffer? For us, submitting to miserable environments is like gulping down sand. Continue reading

Christian Music Video | Face to Face With God | “Come Before God Often”


Take the chance when you have time, sit in silence before God.
Read His word, know His truths, right the transgressions in you.
Trials come, take them on; know God’s will and you’ll have strength.
Tell Him what things you lack, share His truth always.
Elated is your soul when you worship Him.
Come often before God, resist no more.
Your care of flesh, it hurts Him so.
Read His word, understand His truth.
Come often before God. Come often before God.
So live as sanctified man!
No matter what test or judgment comes, we will work to appease Him.
Come often before God.
Come often before God and live His truth. Continue reading

The Testimony of a Christian | Return of a Prodigal Son

Wang Xin    Harbin City


  In 1999, I became a leader due to the requirements of the work of the church. Although I felt deeply that I was not worthy of the job when I first started, after a while, due to my arrogant and self-righteous nature, my initial cautiousness gradually turned into exalting myself and testifying about myself. I cared about food, clothes, and enjoyment, greedily indulging in the blessings of my status. I even wanted to be on an equal footing with God. In the end, I was finally dismissed and sent home. It was only after this that I had an awakening and realized that “status” had made me give up on God and the truth; “status” had made me set up my individual kingdom; “status” had turned me into an antichrist; “status” made me embark on the road to death. It was only then that I discovered that I had strayed so very far from the right path and already fallen too deep.

  Looking back, my downward spiral began when my gospel work started to show some results. At the time, I really thought I was something and started talking big and getting pleased with myself, and I often spoke with a tone to people within the scope of my work. Later, a sister I was paired with raised my deficiencies with me, saying I carried a kind of wildly arrogant disposition when I spoke. I only accepted it on the surface, but not in my heart. In the end, I still thought of all sorts of ways to indirectly refute the deficiencies she raised. In the days after this, I began to speak for the sake of my status, never feeling uncomfortable in my heart for failing to satisfy God. Instead, I was often frustrated because other people were not convinced by me. Gradually, my heart grew numb and devoid of feeling. Just when I was still completely unaware that I was pursuing the wrong path, a leader gave me a note. It said: “XX, now that you’ve become a big shot, even your tone of voice has changed. You’re pretty much like the government officials out in the world. You will be eliminated soon.” What? Does this not imply that I am going to lose my future and destiny? After reading these words I fell into painful torment, but I did not examine my nature or appreciate from it God’s care and thought, and moreover I did not sense the consequences of continuing on like this. Then, a major illness suddenly befell me. In this situation and environment, I felt I had thoroughly fallen into despair. My mind was in a tangle and I was terrified of losing my duty. I was also afraid of being eliminated and not having a future, as well as being dismissed and sent home. I was full of outrageous requests toward God. Although I realized that I cared too much about status, I was entirely under Satan’s control and could not free myself. I actually used my position as a leader to control brothers and sisters into doing personal things for me, getting them to help me find a doctor so I could find a way to quickly get rid of my illness. My heart was dominated by one thought: I must not lose my status and I can’t lose my duty. I started to enjoy special treatment, ate good health supplements, and also accepted good food from brothers and sisters without question. Yet, I absurdly thought: I’m not doing it for enjoyment; I’m doing it to heal my illness so it won’t delay my work, and therefore it does not count as excessive. In the end, I not only did not recover but my illness got even worse. Continue reading