The Truth Showed Her the Way to Get Along With Others (Part 1)


  Jiandan sat on her chair, staring at the number of articles on the worksheet in complete amazement and muttering to herself: “Why is there such a backlog of unchecked articles? Could Sister Liu Yan be in a bad state? But even if she is, she mustn’t let that interfere with her work.”

  Jiandan was a conscientious, responsible person. When she saw a problem like this come up in work, she started to worry. She had initially wanted to call Sister Liu Yan over to ask her what exactly was going on. But thinking that if she started asking Liu Yan about her work when she herself had only just come back from performing another task somewhere else, she worried what Liu Yan would think of her. The two of them had always gotten along well together, so it would be terrible if this matter caused upset between them!

  Jiandan took a deep breath, and changed her mindset. Afterward, she waited for an opportunity to present itself, and then asked Liu Yan patiently: “Sister Liu, I see that there is quite a backlog of articles that haven’t been checked. Is there some difficulty?”

  “I’ve checked some of these articles, but I couldn’t make decisions on them all by myself. If I happened to make a mistake, the losses would outweigh the gains! I have only finalized a few of them since you left,” said Liu Yan helplessly.

  When Jiandan heard this, she realized that Liu Yan was still in the same old state, afraid to take responsibility if she made mistakes, which had led to her working ineffectually. Jiandan felt a little anxious and wanted to point out the problems with Liu Yan’s attitude to her work, but then she thought: “If I started pointing out her problems the minute I get back, she will say I’m too arrogant and that I’m making undue criticisms of her. Besides, our leader and co-workers haven’t even said anything, so why should I bother? Seeing as we live under the same roof, if our relationship breaks up over this matter, how then will we get along in the future? Forget it, I won’t say anything this time. I’ll just pick up the slack.” And so Jiandan once again bit her tongue and didn’t say what was on her mind.

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  But as time went on, the number of articles that needed checking got greater and greater, and the two of them simply couldn’t manage it all. Jiandan thought that, because there was so much work to do, she must have a word with the person in charge. It would be best to have some more manpower, and then they would be able to do their duty more efficiently. Continue reading


During an Experience I Saw the Protection of God

Yongxin, Yibin City, Sichuan Province

       We had never believed in God before. In 2005, uplifted by God, my husband, my father-in-law, my uncle, and I all accepted God’s work of the last days. Before long, the church arranged for me to do the duty of safekeeping the books. Later, our house was in a fire, and during this fire we received God’s miraculous protection. God truly is almighty!believe in God,God’s word,judgment,the truth,life    One day in March of 2006, after lunch around 1 p.m., it was snowing heavily outside. My husband, daughter and I were inside, warming ourselves by the fire and shelling corn, when we suddenly heard a voice from outside loudly yelling, “Your house is on fire! Quick, come outside and put it out!” We hastily ran outside, and saw that the fire had already burned the roof of the kitchen and pigsty. Three unbelievers helped us fight the fire, and shouted, “Come and help fight the fire!” Two neighboring villages heard our shouts, and immediately 30 or 40 people came to help us fight the fire. At that time, I heard someone say, “Doesn’t this family believe in God? How could a fire befall them? Now that their house is burned, see if they still believe in God.” At this time, I didn’t care what they were saying. I saw that the fire was becoming more fierce. A strong wind drove the raging flames directly toward the main part of our house. I was so anxious in my heart, because in the house were the church’s books and our family’s grain. In this moment of desperation, I could only call continuously to God: “O God! May You look after and protect the church’s books and our grain, do not let them be burned.” After I prayed, a miracle happened. The wind suddenly changed direction; only then did I become a little less anxious in my heart, as I knew that the things within our house were all protected. Upon hearing the people fighting the fire talking about how much money the things that were burned were worth, we suddenly remembered that there were two pigs in the sty. My husband raced to save them; no sooner had he gone in, when suddenly a burning chunk of debris fell and blocked the doorway. Upon seeing this my heart leapt into my throat, and I desperately cried out to God in my heart, begging Him to look after and protect my husband. The unbelievers all worried my husband was in great danger. However, as everyone looked on, my husband eventually emerged from the fire safe and sound, pushing along two pigs each weighing more than 50 kg. At this time, my heart finally became calm. The fire burned for about an hour or more, in total burning the kitchen and two pigsties, resulting in an approximate loss of more than four thousand yuan. Continue reading

All of Mankind, Come to Worship God

Though separated by countless seas and mountains,
we are one people, with no boundaries between us,
with different colored skin and speaking different tongues.
Because Almighty God’s words call to us,
we are raised up before God’s throne.
Though separated by countless seas and mountains,
we are one people, with no boundaries between us,
with different colored skin and speaking different tongues.
Because Almighty God’s words call to us,
we are raised up before God’s throne.
There is the elderly, with hair all white,
and the young, bright and radiant.
Hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder,
we walk on together through wind and rain, encouraging each other in adversity.
With one mind we fulfill our duty.
Our hearts are connected, we become confidants in life.
God’s love brings us closer together.

Christian Variety Show “Eyes Everywhere” (2018 Crosstalk)

Harvest after watching:

This is my first time to hear the fact overseas that Christians have to disguise ourselves as if at war when going out in order to escape from the arrest of the Chinese police. However, in such an environment they still persist in preaching the gospel by praying to God and relying on God. It is so admirable. Let’s watch Christian Variety Show “Eyes Everywhere” (2018 Crosstalk), and it will vividly perform how the Christians preach the gospel and testify to God.

The crosstalk Eyes Everywhere describes how the Chinese Communist Party attempts to banish religion through using large-scale searches across the country, as well as turning people from every class and walk of life into eyes to investigate, monitor, and surveil Christians. Through a humorous, vivid performance, this comedy duo shows us all the despicable methods and detestable intentions with which the CCP arrests Christians, and at the same time shows us how Christians rely on God to avoid one pair of eyes after another, spread the gospel, and testify God.


Questions and Answers on Rapture

Question 3: The Bible says, “Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord” (1Ts 4:17). How should we interpret that?

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  Answer: We should hope for the Lord’s return based on the prophecies that He Himself spoke. That is the most standard way of waiting for the Lord’s return. Who are you quoting, really? Are you quoting the Lord’s words or the words of men? “Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air,” who said that? Are those the Lord Jesus’ words? The Lord Jesus never said anything like that. The Holy Spirit never said that, either. The words you believe in and quote are Paul’s words. Do Paul’s words represent the Lord Jesus’ words? Can he represent God? Only God knows the answer to this mystery. If we corrupt humans dare to make blind interpretations and judgments like this, we are committing a heinous sin. Paul was not Christ. He was only an ordinary corrupt person. His writings are full of impure human ideas and imaginings. His words are not the truth, so we cannot use them as proof. All proof should be based on God’s words in the Bible. That is in line with the truth. It’s wrong to investigate the rapture and entry into the kingdom of heaven based on the words of people in the Bible, especially Paul, and not based on the Lord Jesus’ words, because only the Lord Jesus’ words are the truth; only His words have authority. Only the Lord Jesus is Christ, the King of the heavenly kingdom. Why don’t you search in the Lord Jesus’ words for the truth and God’s will? Why do you use the words of men as the basis of your search instead? Is this in accordance with the Lord’s will? This makes you prone to following man and walking down your own path. God made mankind out of clay. He tasked them with doing their duty on earth and managing the rest of His creations. He demanded that they obey, worship, and honor Him, and mandated that their place was on the earth, not in heaven. Moreover, God told us long ago that He would establish His kingdom on earth. Besides, He will dwell with us humans on earth and the kingdoms of earth must be transformed into kingdoms ruled by Christ. Therefore, God’s kingdom will eventually be established on earth, not in heaven. Many people are always looking to be raised into heaven. That is their own conception and imaginings, their own fanciful desire. It is not at all in accordance with the truth or the fact of God’s work.

from the movie script of Awakening from the dream