Life music | I’m Resolved to Follow God

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Holding faith so long,
now I see the light.
Experienced ups and downs,
persecutions and hardships.
Happiness and sorrows,
garment wet with tears.
Countless nights,
stayed awake and prayed.
Rejected by the world;
distanced by loved ones.
Wandering every day,
having no resting place.
Freedom, just a sham,
no human rights to share.
Deep hatred of Satan!
When to right the wrong?
This world, dark and evil,
I desire more the light of my life.
Christ is the truth, the way, and the life.
I’ve made up my mind to follow Him.
This world, dark and evil,
I desire more the light of my life.
Christ’s the truth, the way, and the life.
I’ve made up my mind to follow Him. Continue reading


Questions and Answers on the Way of the Lord’s Arrival (Secret and Open) (2)

Question 2: I’ve believed in the Lord for over half my life. I’ve worked tirelessly for the Lord and have been on constant lookout for His second coming. If the Lord came, why didn’t I receive His revelation? Has He cast me aside? This has left me very confused. How do you explain this?

kingdom,Gospel,The Church of Almighty God,prayer,Christian         Answer: Man thinks that if he believes in the Lord for half his life, works hard for the Lord, and vigilantly awaits His second coming, when the Lord comes again He will give revelation to them. This is man’s conception and imagination and is not in keeping with the fact of God’s work. The Jewish Pharisees compassed land and sea spreading the way of God. Did the Lord Jesus ever give them any revelation when He came? As for the disciples that followed the Lord Jesus, which among them followed the Lord Jesus because they had been given revelation? Not one of them! You might argue that Peter received God’s revelation and recognized that the Lord Jesus is Christ, the Son of God, but that was after Peter had been following the Lord Jesus for some time and had heard Him preach for some time and had some knowledge of Him in his heart. Only then did he receive a revelation from the Holy Spirit and was able to recognize the Lord Jesus’ true identity. Certainly Peter did not receive any revelations prior to following the Lord Jesus, this is fact. Those that followed the Lord Jesus were only able to recognize that the Lord Jesus was the coming Messiah after hearing Him preach for some time. They didn’t follow Him because they had received a revelation in advance that allowed them to recognize who the Lord Jesus was. In the last days, Almighty God has descended secretly among man to do the work of judgment. Millions of people have accepted and followed Almighty God, but not one of them does so because they received a revelation from the Holy Spirit. We follow Almighty God because we recognized God’s voice in our reading of Almighty God’s word and communing on the truth. These facts prove that when God is incarnated to do His work, He certainly does not give revelations to any man to believe in and follow Him. Not to mention, in the last days God expresses truth to do the work of judgment. God’s utterance of His word to the whole universe is His work of the last days. All can hear God’s voice. God’s speech in the last days represents the first time since God’s creation of the world that God has proclaimed His word to all of humanity and to the entire universe. In Revelation, God said many times “He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit said to the churches.” In the last days, God works through utterance of His word and expression of the truth to find His sheep. God’s sheep can hear God’s voice. All those that hear and understand God’s voice are God’s sheep, are the wise virgins. Those that do not understand God’s voice must be the foolish virgins. In this all men are distinguished each unto his own kind. This shows how wise and righteous God is! Continue reading

Best Christian Song | “The Inner Meaning of the Work of Conquest”

The inner meaning of man’s conquest is to return to the Creator.
It is for man to turn his back on Satan and turn fully towards God.
This is man’s complete salvation. Arduous conquest is the final battle.
It is the last stage in God’s victorious plan.
Without this, no man is saved, no victory is gained against Satan,
no man enters a good destination.
Mankind suffers the influence of Satan.
Thus Satan’s defeat must come first to bring man’s salvation.
For all of God’s works are for the sake of man. Continue reading

Truth Is the Highest of All Life’s Aphorisms

Jesus,God,The Church of Almighty God,prayer,Christian

Truth is the most real
of life’s aphorisms,
and the highest one among
all humanity.
It’s called life’s aphorism
because it’s what,
because it’s what God asks of man
and is work done by Him personally,
God asks of man
and is work done by Him personally.
It’s not a saying summed up
from something,
nor a famous quote
from someone great, someone great.
But it’s an utterance to mankind
from the Master of all things
on earth and in heaven. Continue reading

Oh God, My Heart Will Forever Be Attached to You

Oh God, My Heart Will Forever Be Attached to You

Your words give me life.
Your words raise me up.
Oh God, I will love You forever!
Though I am corrupt,
You do all You can to save me
and never give up on me.
Though I try to conceal,
try to put on an act,
I can’t deceive or hide from You.
Oh, Almighty God! Almighty God!
No matter where You go,
my heart is tied to Your heart. Oh … Continue reading