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The Word of God | “Only the Perfected Can Live a Meaningful Life”

Almighty God says, “Those who have been perfected are not just able to achieve obedience after being conquered, but they are also able to have knowledge of the work of judgment, change their disposition, and know God. They experience the path of loving God and are filled with the truth. They know how to experience God’s work, are able to suffer for God, and have their own wills. …The perfected refers to those who, after the conquering work ends, are able to pursue the truth and be gained by God. It refers to those who, after the conquering work ends, stand firm in tribulation and live out the truth.”

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Readings of God's Word

The Experiences of Peter: His Knowledge of Chastisement and Judgment (Part One)

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  When he was being chastised by God, Peter prayed, “O God! My flesh is disobedient, and You chastise me and judge me. I rejoice in Your chastisement and judgment, and even if You do not want me, in Your judgment I behold Your holy and righteous disposition. When You judge me, so that others may behold Your righteous disposition in Your judgment, I feel content. If it can show forth Your disposition, and allow Your righteous disposition to be seen by all creatures, and if it can make my love of You purer, so that I can attain the image of one who is righteous, then Your judgment is good, for such is Your gracious will. I know that there is still much in me that is rebellious, and that I am still not fit to come before You. I wish for You to judge me even more, whether through a hostile environment or great tribulations; no matter how You judge me, to me it is precious. Your love is so profound, and I am willing to lay myself at Your mercy without the slightest complaint.” This is Peter’s knowledge after he experienced the work of God, and is also a testimony to his love of God. Today, you have already been conquered—but how is this conquest expressed in you? Some people say, “My conquest is the supreme grace and exaltation of God. Only now do I realize that the life of man is hollow and without significance. Living is so pointless, I’d rather be dead. Though man spends his life rushing about, producing and raising generation after generation of children, man is ultimately left with nothing. Today, only after being conquered by God have I seen that there is no value to living in this way; it really is a meaningless life. We may as well die and be done with it!” Can such people who have been conquered be gained by God? Can they become specimens and models? Such people are a lesson in passiveness, they have no aspirations, and do not strive to improve themselves! Even though they count as having been conquered, such passive people are incapable of being made perfect. At the near end of his life, after he had been made perfect, Peter said, “O God! If I were to live a few more years, I would wish to achieve a purer and deeper love of You.” When he was about to be nailed to the cross, in his heart he prayed, “O God! Your time has now arrived, the time You prepared for me has arrived. I must be crucified for You, I must bear this testimony to You, and I hope that my love can satisfy Your requirements, and that it can become purer. Today, to be able to die for You, and be nailed to the cross for You, is comforting and reassuring to me, for nothing is more gratifying to me than to be able to be crucified for You and satisfy Your wishes, and to be able to give myself to You, to offer up my life to You. O God! You are so lovely! Were You to allow me to live, I would be even more willing to love You. As long as I am alive, I will love You. I wish to love You more deeply. You judge me, and chastise me, and try me because I am not righteous, because I have sinned. And Your righteous disposition becomes more apparent to me. This is a blessing to me, for I am able to love You more deeply, and I am willing to love You in this way even if You do not love me. I am willing to behold Your righteous disposition, for this makes me more able to live out a life of meaning. I feel that my life now is more meaningful, for I am crucified for Your sake, and it is meaningful to die for You. Yet still I do not feel satisfied, for I know too little of You, I know that I cannot completely fulfill Your wishes, and have repaid You too little. In my life, I have been incapable of returning my entirety to You; I am far from that. As I look back at this moment, I feel so indebted to You, and I have but this moment to make up for all of my mistakes and all the love that I have not repaid You.” Continue reading “The Experiences of Peter: His Knowledge of Chastisement and Judgment (Part One)”

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From the Throne Flows the Water of Life (1) – How to Look for the Footsteps of God’s Work

Facing the desolation of the churches and darkness in spirit, how should we go about looking for the footsteps of the Lord? Since ancient times the true way has been subject to persecution, and the appearance and work of the true God will always be met with the cruelest suppression and persecution and the most frantic resistance and condemnation by the religious world and atheist governments. As it is said in the Bible, “the whole world lies in wickedness” (1 John 5:19). So, wherever the true God appears to carry out His work will certainly be where the voices condemning Him are the loudest. This is the way to look for the Lord’s footsteps.

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With the Grace of God I Found a True Home

By Xiaolin, United States

I Hate Dad—He Ruined Our Family

  Crash … Bang …

  “Dammit, say that one more time and I’ll make you sorry! …”

  The clamor of fighting broke through the peaceful silence of the night, startling my sister and I awake. We realized our parents were fighting again. Since our mom found out that our dad was seeing another woman, she smiled less, and at any mention of him her eyes filled with discontent and sorrow. From then on they never stopped fighting—I couldn’t even remember how many times they had argued. When my sister and I ran into their room crying, we just saw dad reaching out to hit mom. Crying, I dragged at dad’s arm as hard as I could, but he was too strong and I couldn’t hold him back. That night, he broke two of her ribs. She couldn’t withstand such a life of suffering any longer, so after she healed she left home and got a job in another area.

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  My sister and I moved in with our grandparents after she left. Our dad didn’t shape up at all because she had left; he was just the same as always. He often wouldn’t come back home all night and didn’t pay us any mind. My sister and I would go to school and go back home together every day, and the entire way other kids were being taken by their parents. They were talking and laughing with them, but my sister and I weren’t accompanied by our parents. Our little shadows looked so alone. What I was most afraid of was the school holding a parents’ assembly, and then the head teacher would ask us why our parents weren’t there. When teachers asked questions I’d always tear up, hang my head, and not say a word. I didn’t know what to say. Continue reading “With the Grace of God I Found a True Home”

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Gospel Music 2018 – God Ruling Over the Beginning and the Future of Mankind

Impression after watching:

Time is always moving forward. We human live in the cycle from birth to death generation after generation. These laws cannot be changed. Dear friends, have you ever wondered how the laws are formed and who is in charge of them?

Gospel Movie – God Ruling Over the Beginning and the Future of Mankind

From when we come wailing into the world, we begin playing different roles in life. We move from birth to old age to illness to death, we go between joy and sorrow…. Where does mankind really come from, and where will we really go? Who controlled man’s beginnings, and who commands his future? Today, all will be revealed …

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