Expression of Almighty God|On the Steps of God’s Work

  From the outside, it seems that the steps of God’s work in this current stage have already been finished, and that mankind has already experienced the judgment, chastisement, smiting, and refinement of His words, and that they have undergone the steps such as the trial of service-doers, the refinement of the times of chastisement, the trial of death, the trial of the foils, and the times of[a] loving God. Although people have undergone great suffering in each step they still have not understood God’s will. Just like the trial of service-doers, what people gained from that, what they understood from it, and what result God wanted to achieve through that—people still remain unclear about these issues. It seems from the speed of God’s work, that according to the current rate people absolutely cannot keep up. It can be seen from this that God is first revealing these steps of His work to mankind, and He doesn’t necessarily need to get to a level that people can imagine in any of the steps, but He is trying to use this to elucidate an issue. Continue reading


Eastern Lightning | The Hymn of God’s Word “The Authority and Significance of God’s Incarnation”

  Eastern Lightning | The Hymn of God’s Word “The Authority and Significance of God’s Incarnation”

Man’s stature, knowledge, love, and loyalty, obedience, and all that man sees have come from judgment by the word. Your faith stands because of His word. Through this man sees God’s amazing work. There is much beyond man’s grasp: great mysteries and wonders all around. And therefore many have submitted. None surpass the judgment of His word, and no darkness prevails over His authority. Man submits because of His incarnation, His authority, and judgment from His word. Continue reading