Expression of Almighty God| The Path… (7)

  All of us can see in our practical experiences that there are many times that God has personally opened up a path for us so that we are treading the path that is firmer, more realistic. This is because this path is the one that God opened up for us since the beginning of time and has been passed on to our generation after tens of thousands of years. So we are succeeding our predecessors who did not walk the path until its end; we are the ones who have been chosen by God to walk the last section of this road. Thus, it has been prepared particularly for us, and no matter if we receive blessings or suffer misfortune, no one else can walk this path. I add My own insight to this: Don’t make plans to escape to any other place or find another route, longing for status, or setting up your own kingdom; these are all illusions. If you have some bias toward these words, I advise you not to become confused. It’s best if you think it over, don’t try to be too clever or fail to distinguish right and wrong. When God’s plan is accomplished, you will regret that. That is to say, when the kingdom of God comes He will smash to pieces the nations of the earth, and at that time you will see that your own plans have also been obliterated and those who have been chastised are those who are smashed. At that time God will completely reveal His disposition. I figure that I should tell you about this since I am well aware of this matter so that in the future you don’t complain about Me. That we have been able to walk this path until today was ordained by God, so don’t think that you are extraordinary or that you are unlucky—no one may make assertions regarding God’s current work lest you are smashed to pieces. Light has come to Me through God’s work, and no matter what, God will make this group of people complete and His work can never be changed—He is going to bring these people to the end of the road and complete His work on earth. This is something that we should all understand. The majority of people are constantly forward-looking and insatiable; they all lack understanding of God’s current anxious intention, so they all have thoughts of escape. They always want to go out into the wilderness to wander like a wild horse that has thrown off its reins, but it’s rare that there are people who want to settle down in the good land of Canaan to seek the way of human life—when they’ve entered the land flowing with milk and honey, wouldn’t they only think of enjoying it? To be frank, outside of the good land of Canaan everywhere is the wilderness. Even when people have entered the place of rest they are unable to uphold their duty; aren’t they just harlots? If you have lost the opportunity for God to perfect you in that environment, it will be something that you repent for the rest of your days; you will feel immeasurably regretful. You will end up like Moses who just gazed at the land of Canaan but was unable to enjoy it, clenching empty fists and dying full of regrets—don’t you think that is something shameful? Don’t you think that being scoffed at by others is an embarrassing thing? Are you willing to be humiliated by others? Don’t you have the heart to strive to do well for yourself? Aren’t you willing to be an honorable and upstanding person who is perfected by God? Are you really someone who is lacking any resolution? You’re not willing to take the other paths but you’re also not willing to take the path that God has ordained for you? Do you dare to go against the will of Heaven? No matter how great your skill is, can you really offend Heaven? I believe that it’s best for us to know ourselves well—just one little bit of God’s word can change heaven and earth, so what is a scrawny little person in God’s eyes? Continue reading


Movies of the Church of Almighty God| Almighty God’s Word “Three Admonitions”

  Almighty God says, “As a believer of God, you should be loyal to none other than Him in all things and align with His heart in all things. However, though all understand this doctrine, these most apparent and basic of truths to man cannot fully be seen to be embodied in them, due to their difficulties, such as their ignorance, absurdity, or corruption. Therefore, before your end is determined, I ought to first tell you some things, which are of utmost importance to you. Before I continue, you should first understand this: The words I speak are truths directed to all mankind, not only for a specific person or type of person. Therefore, focus solely on receiving My words from the standpoint of truth, and retain an attitude of concentration and sincerity. Do not ignore a single word or truth that I speak, and do not regard My words with disdain. In your lives I see much that you do that is irrelevant to truth, therefore I am expressly asking you to become servants of truth and not be enslaved by wickedness and ugliness. Do not tread on the truth and defile any corner of the house of God. This is My admonition to you.”

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