Utterances of Almighty God | On Experience

Utterances of Almighty God | On Experience

  Throughout Peter’s experiences, he had endured hundreds of trials. Though people now are aware of the term ‘trial,’ they do not at all understand its true meaning or circumstances. God tempers the determination of man, refines his confidence, and perfects his every part, achieving this mostly through trials. Trials are also the hidden work of the Holy Spirit. It seems that God has forsaken man, and so man will, if not careful, see them as Satan’s temptations. In fact, many trials can be considered temptations, and this is the principle and rule of God’s work. If man truly lives before God, he will see them as trials by God and not let them slip. If someone says that because God is with him Satan will surely not approach him, this is not entirely correct. How can it be explained that Jesus faced temptations after He had fasted in the wilderness for forty days? So if man has truly put right his views on believing in God, he will see many things much more clearly and will not have skewed and fallacious understanding. If one is truly resolved to be made perfect by God, he needs to approach matters he is faced with from many different angles, neither leaning to the left nor the right. If you do not have knowledge of God’s work, you will not know how to cooperate with God. If you do not know the principles of God’s work and are unaware of how Satan works on man, you will have no path of practice. A mere zealous pursuit will not allow you to attain the results God demands. Such way of experience is akin to that of Lawrence, not differentiating and only focusing on experience, utterly unaware of what Satan’s work is, of what the work of the Holy Spirit is, what man is like without the presence of God, what kind of people God wants to perfect. How to behave toward different people, how to grasp God’s present will, how to know God’s disposition, at which people, which circumstances, and which age, God’s mercy, His majesty and righteousness are directed—he does not differentiate these. If man does not have many visions as his foundation, a foundation for his experiences, then life is out of the question, even less so is experience; he just foolishly keeps submitting to everything, enduring everything. All such people are very difficult to be made perfect. It may be said that having none of the visions touched on above is ample proof you are being a fool, akin to a pillar of salt, always standing in Israel. Such people are useless, they are good-for-nothings! Some people only ever submit blindly, they always know themselves and always use their ways of conducting themselves when dealing with new matters, or use “wisdom” to deal with trivial matters that are unworthy of mention, those are people who are devoid of discernment, as if they by nature were to resign themselves to adversity, always being the same, never changing; this is a fool with no discernment whatsoever. They never suit measures to the circumstances or to different people. Such people do not have experience. I see that some people know themselves to a certain point that when confronted with those who have the work of the evil spirit they even lower their heads and admit guilt, not daring to stand up and condemn them. When faced with the obvious work of the Holy Spirit, they do not dare obey, either, believing that evil spirits are also in the hands of God, and not in the slightest do they dare to rise in resistance. These are people who do not have the dignity of God, and they are definitely unable to bear heavy burdens for God. Such muddled people do not differentiate. This way of experience ought therefore to be abandoned as it is untenable in the eyes of God. Continue reading


Movies of the Church of Almighty God | Gospel Movie “The Mystery of Godliness”


Lin Bo’en was an elder at a house church in China. During all his years as a believer, he felt honored to suffer for the Lord, and valued the knowledge and attainment of the Lord Jesus Christ above anything else in the world. One fateful day, he went out to preach and heard some shocking news: The Lord Jesus has returned in the flesh, and He is Christ of the last days—Almighty God! Lin Bo’en was puzzled. When the Lord returns, He is supposed to descend with the clouds, so why would He incarnate Himself and do His work in secret? What mysteries were hidden behind God’s incarnation? If the Lord has truly returned, why haven’t we been raptured? … An intense debate unfolds between Lin Bo’en and his co-workers and the preachers from the Church of Almighty God … Will they finally be able to understand that Almighty God is the return of the Lord Jesus, the appearance of God in the fles Continue reading